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Ve’nari is a secretive yet helpful vendor and quest giver who manages the difficult feat of living in the Maw. Her assistance is essential for any hero hoping to thrive in that hellish domain. A renegade broker, she hides from others of her kind and the monsters sent forth by the Jailer alike in a small cave on the southeastern peninsula of the Cocyrus region of the Maw.

First encountered during the Maldraxxus section of the Shadowlands storyline, Ve’nari takes an active part in several quests that serve to acquaint you more closely with the Maw and its perils. You will meet her again after playing through the initial campaign and selecting a Covenant, at which point she will pick up where she left off, helping you infiltrate Torghast, Tower of the Damned, in pursuit of the Freed Souls that you will require to upgrade your Covenant’s Sanctum, and introducing you to special mechanics.

First rules

Once the first three “Rule” quests are complete, you will be ready to start working with the broker in the earnest. She has many things to offer you, starting with assured safety in the midst of the otherwise constantly hostile Maw and a simple way to teleport between it and the rest of the afterlife. Her remaining storyline quests will let you gain access to other areas in that realm as well as gain access to Legendary Crafting. On top of that, she will begin to give out random recurring daily and weekly quests that can take you all over the zone, including the unlockable areas. There will be two of each in their respective intervals.

Unique items

As a vendor, Ve’nari stocks numerous unique items that offer key advantages throughout the endgame content. Some of them will help you move around the Maw, which is normally the least traversable zone in the game or resist the deadliest abilities of its horrible denizens. Others will give you new options when exploring Torghast, often connected to the manipulation of Anima hoards. Even if you do not want to have anything to do with the Jailer’s grim domain, Ve’nari’s buff items and crafting goods will benefit you no matter where you go. A unique Runecarver memory contained a Legendary Power, a random lower-level Conduit upgrade, an Optional Reagent that members of crafting professions can use to level up items, and a device that can add sockets to secondary gear slots are the stand-out options.

Stygia farm

Brokers are transactional creatures, and Ve’nari is very mistrustful on top of that. Gaining access to her area-opening quests and most of her inventory will require you to earn her trust. To actually buy her items once they are unlocked, you would need a special currency called Stygia, which is made out of violently shattered souls. Fortunately, you can acquire this ominous resource easily enough by killing any mobs in the Maw, rescuing souls, or taking part in the aforementioned repeatable quests. Those quests and victories over the less commonplace mobs will also let you earn a reputation with Ve’nari’s faction of one. The storyline quests will also provide you with a small starting fund, though gaining access to higher-level areas is a more important benefit.

SourceReputationStygiaEye of the Jailer Threat
Normal mob kill016
Elite mob kill02-312
Soul rescue020100
Event mob kill4045300
Rare mob kill8050300
Rare elite mob kill10075500
Daily quest75140500
Wrath of the Jailer boss kill250100500
Daily quests in Perdition Hold or Beastwarrens100225667
Weekly quests8504501000
Beastwarrens Hunt boss kill5253001000
Weekly quests in Perdition Hold11007001200
Elethium deposit or Nightshade02-412
Rich Elethium deposit08-1724
Uncommon Maw Lore items10000
Rare Maw Lore items15000

Once you are able to venture into the Beastwarrens, you will gain access to even more lucrative daily quests and bi-weekly Hunts. The latter event type ends in a boss encounter that will give you a small chance to claim the Mawsworn Soulhunter – one of only two Mounts that can navigate the Maw, which would be enormously useful for any activities you choose to engage in. Perdition Hold, likewise unlocked by Ve’nari, promises still greater currency and reputation rewards for finishing all repeatable quests that take place there. You may also be able to earn the broker’s esteem and Stygia by prevailing over mobs and a powerful boss in a Wrath of the Jailer event. Although it happens regularly on the map, you can only gain such prizes from it once per week.

Eye of the Jailer’s 

Unfortunately, all activities in this realm will earn you the attention and ire of its master. This danger builds up even faster with the kind of activities that will yield more rewards. The Eye of the Jailer’s danger level progresses between five tiers, each unlocking upon reaching 1000 threat points. The first tier flips the Mawsworn Soulseekers scattered throughout the zone from neutral to hostile. The next one will set off area of effect bombardments and speed debuffs. Deadly Assassins will start to stalk you in the third phase, while the fourth tier will initiate attacks by winged horrors striking abruptly from the skies. Finally, the fifth tier will progressively sap all incoming healing and then begin inflicting steady damage over time. It also denies you any Stygia and reputation gains from kills and other world sources, though you can still get the full rewards from quests. All those effects are inactive in the broker’s refuge, but the tiers will persist until the daily reset in all other areas of the Maw.

Thanks to this system, even the ablest hero will face deadly danger when adventuring in the Maw. This danger may result in a setback for your efforts to acquire Ve’nari’s goods, as dying in the Maw will cost you 20% of your Stygia. You may reclaim it from your corpse, but if you die before then, you will lose that opportunity and also lose more of what remains. Consequently, you will have to weigh opportunities to earn both resources against the risks posed by the Eye of the Jailer and other local perils.

Useful Tips

  • If you wish to advance your relationship with Ve’nari as quickly as you may, your first rule should be to avoid gaining threat needlessly. That means abstaining from gathering raw materials and from avoidable kills against generic mobs that yield no reputation. If possible, you should also refrain from killing event mobs, as their threat-to-reputation ratio is especially poor. Instead, you should focus on playing through the recurring quests and events and farming rare mobs. In addition to the standard rewards, this approach will also reliably supply you with unique Maw Lore items, which you can turn in to the broker for threat-free reputation gains. Getting Stygia is less of a concern as you can generally farm it efficiently side by side with a reputation. That said, once you are only looking for the currency, killing event mobs and Mining and Herbalism will become more worthwhile as additional sources.
  • The dependable and straightforward sequence would be to do the daily quests first, followed by weekly quests. After that, you can pursue events and kills against more lucrative targets until the Eye has been fully filled, at which point you should turn in all quests and leave for the day. Naturally, it will be safer to do pursue all those activities with friends, which should also help discourage PvP enthusiasts from costing you precious Stygia with their unwanted interference. Also, note that the monthly Darkmoon Faire event offers some buffs to reputation gain. Players have confirmed that they apply here too, so they may serve as a major boost if you can time your farming efforts right.
  • Note that threat accumulates when you complete the quest conditions, rather than when you turn the quest in. While tricky, you may prefer to hold off on the final quest objectives for as long as possible while going after other targets, only scrambling to finish off and turn in the quests when the Eye reaches its final tier. It may also be possible to save an especially lucrative kill for last before the Jailer cuts off the rewards. This high-risk, high-reward farming strategy can get you to the highest reputation level at an optimal pace if it works, but you may want to get PvE coaching first if you are less than fully sure of your survival skills. Otherwise, slow and steady may still win the race, giving you access to all of Ve’nari’s stock within a few weeks.
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