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WoW Shadowlands 1-50, 1-60 Leveling Guide

WoW Shadowlands 1-50, 1-60 Leveling Guide
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Shadowlands are waiting for heroes, whose personal strength is sufficient to make reality: in the world of the living and beyond! The developers have tried to come up with interesting new challenges and create unique, exciting content that will test the strength of even hardened WoW veterans.

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The main thing to mention before covering all the details of 1-50 leveling is that in SL the level of your characters will undergo a significant decrease. Players who reach level 120 during the BFA will receive a starting level of 50; the maximum level was 60th. This is done so that getting each level makes more sense. The developers have made sure that the consistent conquest of new levels maintains a stable dynamic to avoid causing boredom; also players will be able to receive useful prizes and rewards for increasing the level of their characters. Also, the whole leveling process has become more consistent.

This Guide covers the details of the process of overcoming the segment from the first to the fiftieth levels. It will help new players, players with little experience, as well as those who want to create and boost a new character on their account, to get a general idea of ​​the details and phases of this process. After you reach level 50, your character will have access to Shadowlands content, where the real game begins; then you have to reach the cap (60 Lvl) to get access to all gaming opportunities.

If you would like to learn more about how to increase the level from 50 to 60, check out our 50-60 SL Leveling Guide, which covers general details of the new expansion, general tips for improving game performance, and the sequence for increasing the level.

1-50 step by step

The decrease in the current level of the characters, as well as the maximum available level of 60, made the leveling more consistent and conscious: each level is important and will feel like a full-fledged step on the path of your development. The developers have made sure that you feel your progress and receive valuable prizes for completing certain milestones.

If you decide to play for a new character, then first you will have to go through the "sandbox", the so-called noob-zone, which will allow you to get acquainted with the setting, mechanics and main ideas of the game. This will help you get used to and prepare for more challenging activities. After you reach level 10, your character is sent to explore the game world: you have to work out 1 of 8 add-ons (however, not everyone will be able to choose one of them).

The process of leveling up from Level 1 to Level 50 will be different for new and experienced players. New players are those who have never played WoW and do not have a single character on their game account. Experienced players are people who already have an account with one or more characters whose level is 1+.

Experienced players can choose any starting zone that suits their class and preferences (including the new Exile’s Reach zone for freshmen). After reaching level 10, you can choose which content of the 8 available expansions to use to continue development.

New players do not have the opportunity to choose a starting zone, and after reaching level 1 - the content of a specific add-on; your sandbox will be Exile’s Reach, after which your character will be transferred to BfA to continue development. It is worth noting that Death Knights and Demon Hunters are exception classes that start their journey at level 8. They can only start in their traditional class zones. Below we will consider the features of the new starting zone for freshmen.

1-10 exile's reach

This is where the WoW adepts players begin their journey. This play area has been designed specifically for players who have never played World of Warcraft before. Here you will get an idea of ​​the main theses of the game, get acquainted with its mechanics, setting and atmosphere, learn how to adjust the interface to your individual characteristics, complete the first quests, get the first abilities and much more. Your stay in the zone ends with the passage of The Darkmaul Citadel mini-dungeon, which will become a kind of final exam.

Exile’s Reach is an uninhabited island that is unknown. You wake up aboard a ship that brings the expedition to its shores. Here you will get a first glimpse of the mechanics of controlling your character. You will also get the first experience of attacking a target as well as attacking a moving target. Soon your ship will wreck off the coast of Exile’s Reach, and you will have to take care to help your companions survive. You will be familiar with the mechanics of completing simple quests, learn how to provide first aid, as well as cook. All this will subsequently help you feel confident when completing various World Quests and following various storylines.

The process of moving from one task to the next is pretty straightforward: in fact, you are required to carefully read the tasks and interpret them. Throughout your stay at Exile’s Reach, you will be guided by constant advice, background information and visual examples of what is expected of you.

The whole process 1-10 in Exile’s Reach is divided into 10 phases, the last of which will be the passage of The Darkmaul Citadel mini-dungeon. With it, players will gain an understanding of the most important PvE format of the Dungeon, understand how to enter there, how to leave these locations, and what to do inside. Here you have to interrupt the ritual. You will be able to understand which of the traditional dungeon roles suits you best - Tank, Healer, or DD. Here you will walk through 3 boss encounters, which will also introduce you to the different Boss mechanics and give you an idea of ​​how to behave in different combat situations. This knowledge will be useful to you later when passing more serious sub-snakes.

After completing the dungeon, you will be transported to Boralus (for Alliance) or Dazar’alor (for Horde), where you will begin your independent journey.

If you are a new player, study the information that the game provides very carefully. It is a good understanding of the basics that will allow you to confidently develop in the future.

10-50 BFA or other expansions

New players have no way to choose where they continue their journey, so they have to work through the content of the BfA expansion. If you are a player who falls into the experienced category, you have the opportunity to independently choose the expansion in which you will stay from level 10 to 50. This is an incredibly wise move on the part of the developers! Thus, you can return to your favorite extension or choose one that you have not been to, and slowly enjoy its details, atmosphere and plot.

In order to go to the place you are doing, you must talk to a special NPC named Chromie, who is able to move you not only to any point in space but also to the past. This character is next to Stormwind or Origmmar Embassy depending on the faction your character belongs to.

Each expansion is unique and can throw players into a twist of nostalgia. Each of them has its own focus and features. You can choose what is closest to you or the most favorite. Below CakeBoost provides a brief overview of the features of each of the 8 expansions.

  1. KALIMDOR AND EAST KINGDOMS. The beginning of beginnings, the most ancient continents of Azeroth, will provide an opportunity to look at the beginning of history, when everything was simpler and at the same time, it was still beautiful. Many of the stories that have become legends let you discover how and where it all started, with the basics of the WoW Lore and atmosphere.
  2. BURNING CRUSADE. The second expansion blew the minds of players around the world with complex, multi-stage, confusing game mechanics, as well as dynamic challenging dungeons. Old school fans won’t be disappointed.
  3. WRATH OF THE LICH KING. Here you can take part in the development of the story, which has now become the main pillar of WoW Lore and influenced the development of storylines of all subsequent expansions.
  4. CATACLYSM. It has 5 fairly large zones, each of which offers you participation in an independent storyline. Suitable for players who like to delve into the lore and history of the game world, as well as for those who are inclined to travel. This expansion perfectly demonstrates the variety and depth of the game world.
  5. PANDARIA. This expansion stands out from all others thanks to its light humor and less gloom. It also has a full-fledged independent storyline that evolves dynamically and keeps your attention from start to finish. Thanks to its originality, Pandaria has won a loyal army of fans.
  6. DRAENOR. The special feature of this expansion is that it is the first where players could bring custom builds to life. At the same time, their customization was not a convention or an illusion: every choice you make in the area of ​​stats distribution and priorities in the path of your character’s development really affects the game mechanics and power balance. The players were able to show their individuality and make independent decisions. It was with this expansion that detailed calibrations and balances began, which spawned a wide discourse on the various ways and priorities of character development.
  7. LEGION. Suitable for players who are interested in the detailed elaboration of the features of their class. It also makes it possible to master the concept of artifact weapons. and Class Halls, which give interesting developments to your character as a class member.
  8. BATTLE FOR AZEROTH. An ideal choice for players who have not had a chance to play a previous expansion and want to catch up on the Storyline that will develop further is SL.

50-60 Shadowlands

Finally, after your character reaches level 50, you have the opportunity to dive into the unknown: you find yourself in Shadowlands, where you have to go through the most difficult segment of the leveling path - levels 50-60. The process of reaching the maximum level is described in detail in our 50-60 SL Leveling Guide. When you reach level 60, you will have full access to all the fun and most challenging content the developers are ready to bring to your attention. The leveling process is not the most exciting, but a necessary phase on the way to getting carte blanche and full-fledged game implementation. Follow our advice, play consistently, and you can not only save time but also thoroughly prepare for Endgame.

Once you have successfully completed the leveling up process from 1 to 50, you will have access to SL content. However, in order to get complete freedom of action and the opportunity to participate in the most difficult, interesting, important and rewarding activities, you must overcome the last segment on the way to the top: 50-60. Our 50-60 SL Leveling Guide will help you with this. After the level of your character reaches the maximum, you will get the opportunity to participate in all Raids, Dungeons, get access to interesting complex storylines and much more.

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14 min read 2020-10-06 09:02:00 115