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Shadowlands 50-60 Leveling Guide

Shadowlands 50-60 Leveling Guide
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The highly anticipated SL WoW Expansion is set to blow the minds of players around the world. The developers have made many intriguing promises; now you can see for yourself how much they have succeeded. 5 new zones, a ton of new content, the reworking of familiar things, and the revival of the classic traditions of WoW - all this and much more presents the game adored by millions in a fresh reading and presents a real challenge to even the most experienced players.

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So you died. And now you have to travel to the afterlife - Shadowlands. There is a lot to learn about the other side of reality. It is you who will make a decisive contribution to determining the fate of the universe. So that you can quickly navigate new circumstances, CakeBoost presents you with an up-to-date guide that covers the details of the 50-60 Lvl Leveling process.

A brief overview and a few general tips

The first and most important thing you should know about SL: the level of all characters has undergone a decrease and a significant one. Players who manage to reach the maximum level 120 in the BFA will find their level indicator dropped to 50. The maximum level provided by the game has also dropped: now 60 is the lvl cap. As your character progresses from level fiftieth to sixtieth, you will gradually dive into the reality of SL, learn more details about the structure of the afterlife and its inhabitants.

Only 5 new zones have been added to the game, but one of them, the Maw, which you get into first, serves as a kind of buffer zone between the other 4 realms. Each of these zones is governed by one of the four Covenants, peculiar organizations whose views on the future of SL vary significantly, as well as the role played by their members in the afterlife.

After your character gets into the Maw, you start leveling. To do this, you must go through the storylines of 4 zones in a certain order, which cannot be violated: the first Bastion, which is the "gateway" of the underworld and is controlled by Kyrians Covenant, then immersed in the endless darkness of war Maldraxxus, controlled by Necrolords, then - immense the thickets of Ardenweald, guarded by the secretive Night Fae, and finally the vampire abode of Revendreth, whose inhabitants, the Venthyrs, act as a kind of "cleaners" of the SL.

In each zone, you must go through several chapters, during which you will learn more about the Covenant, who controls the current zone. You can read more about each zone and chapter in this Guide. After all chapters in all 4 zones have been completed, and your character reaches level 60, the real Game begins. You will need to make a choice in favor of one of the 4 Covenants based on the information obtained during the 50-60 leveling process, and begin to strengthen your position among its members. However, this is a completely different story.

Here are some general tips for players looking to improve their performance.

  • Concentrate on completing the main Storylines. There are several reasons for this. First, the XP that you get for completing the main storylines is enough to get you to the maximum level. Secondly, you will still have plenty of time to complete side quests. Thirdly, due to the fact that players are obliged to go through the Zones in a certain order, which cannot be changed, it is in your best interest to move quickly through these stories if you do not want to compete for mobs with a crowd of players. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you devote your main efforts to completing the main plot. Do side quests only if you did not have enough XP to get level 60 after passing all 4 zones.
  • As you complete tasks in the Zones, you will be presented with the opportunity to "test drive" the specific abilities of the host Covenant. Our advice is to make the most of them. This will help you get to know the specifics of each of them better and understand which style you prefer. This way, not only will you experience exciting new skills and effects, but you will also be able to make a more informed decision when it comes time to choose which of the 4 Covenants you want to join.
  • Consumables. Stock up on them in advance as resources permit. First, you need them; secondly, they will rise in price.
  • Finally, we note that SL implies a more loyal policy towards Alts: after the main character reaches the 60 Lvl mark, the rest of the characters in your account will be able to join any Covenant immediately after they get into the SL. Of course, you can go through these zones again, but this will not be a strict necessity, and you can focus on completing other quests. This policy suggests that Alts will be important to Endgame, so don’t forget to gear up your minor characters along with your main ones.

Zone 1: Bastion

The first zone your character will have to go to after the Maw is Bastion, the "gateway" of the underworld. This zone is ruled by the Kyrians, valiant guards who meet the dead and determine the fate of their souls. They are strict and disciplined, take their responsibilities seriously, and value their role in SL.

Here you have to go through 6 chapters in sequence.

  • Eternity’s Call. An introductory chapter that introduces you to the environment and manners in Bastion. You will be asked to look around the company Kleia and Pelagos, who suffers from the fact that he cannot fully control his own emotions, which prevents him from conscientiously performing his duty. It is the psychological assistance to this NPC that will become your first task.
  • The Aspirant’s Crucible. The first independent step. You will get the opportunity to train with members of the ruling Covenant. You will be tested: in order to penetrate into the bowels of your soul, many of your memories will be brought to light - this will help the owners of the zone get a more complete picture of your character. You will also need to prove that you have rightfully preserved the physical shell in SL. After completing a series of suggested challenges, you will receive your first Kyrian Covenant ability.
  • The Temple of Purity. In this chapter, the action picks up steam. You will be taken to the Temple of Purity, where you will again undergo severe tests, the purpose of which is to break your connection with the past: only in this way can you fully operate in the Lands of Shadows. Suddenly, the kyrians attack - the Forsworn, among whom you will meet one of the most powerful and recognizable paladins of Azeroth, Uther the Lightbringer. You have to defend Temple and crush the leader of the uprising.
  • Chasing a Memory. Now you have to learn about the causes of the Forsworn, as well as their plans and possible subsequent attacks. The entire chapter will be devoted to your study of this problem. Eventually, you find out that the Forsworn are planning a swift attack on the Temple of Courage.
  • By the Archon’s Will. Now you need to pass this information into good hands and make this fact as widely as possible! You must pass this valuable information on to Archon to alert Kyrians, but there is not a minute to lose. At the end of this chapter, you will receive the ability to summon Steward, which will award you for some time.
  • The Temple of Courage. In the final chapter, we understand that the attack on Temple was not prepared by renegades, but by members of another Covenant - the Necrolords. You see for the first time the terrifying scale of their endless hordes. They are said to be only mercenaries and are well paid for their raid. During this chapter, you are destined to take part in a severe battle and lose the Temple of Courage, but you will be able to save Xandria, the Hand of Courage. This chapter culminates in the first dungeon, Necrotic Wake.

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Zone 2: Maldraxxus

After completing 6 chapters in the first Zone, you find yourself in a gloomy and chaotic world of war, where battles never end, and the owners of this restless land value strength, cruelty and endurance above all else. Maldraxxus always fights: no matter what happens in other realms. Here you will meet the Necrolords Covenant and the harsh inhabitants of this land who do not forgive weakness, cowardice, cowardice and mistakes.

Here you have to go through 7 chapters in sequence.

  • Champion of Pain. An introductory chapter in which you will be saved by Baroness Draka. Subsequently, they will point you to your place, they will call you weak and brainless. All in all, welcome to the lands of war. But don’t be discouraged, at the end of this chapter you will receive the Necrolord Covenant ability.
  • House of the Chosen. During this chapter, you will get to know a special class that values ​​not only physical and spiritual strength but also the ability to follow the code of honor. The Fleshcraft Zone ability that you will receive during this chapter allows you to generate a protective shield that absorbs incoming damage for 2 minutes (and whose effect is enhanced if you use it near the bodies of the slain).
  • Matron of Spies. Meet another House, which was almost completely wiped out. However, exactly what is "practically".
  • House of Constructs. Finally, you can take part in local showdowns: take part in the raid on the House of Conflicts, which is responsible for planning and carrying out the attack on the Temple of Courage, which you defended so valiantly in the previous zone. The moment of revenge has come! However, the truth you have to learn may shock you.
  • House of Plagues. Find out more details about the next House that fell in the Maldraxxi conflict and set the location of its missing Margrave.
  • Ritual for the Damned: As we return to the House of the Chosen, its Margrave, Krexus, has been assassinated. After we recover its missing Baron from the clutches of the Maw, we learn of betrayal within the Chosen.
  • The Empty Throne: prepare to withstand the onslaught of the apostate Houses. You should be able to access Seat of the Primus, but you can only find a message that will lead you to the next zone. Perhaps you will be glad to get out of this inhospitable land ... Or maybe, on the contrary, you will finally feel that you belong here?

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Zone 3: Ardenweald

In the empty Seat of the Primus, you find only a message that is addressed to the Winter Queen of Ardenweald. After the endless chaos of the previous zone, the Adrenweald thickets, saturated with the current Anima, seem like paradise. These forests are the focus of the life energy of ever-existing beings. This is where the main reserves of this pure resource are located. The secretive people that live here, the Night Fae, are the guardians of these forests. They are very close to nature and spare no effort to preserve and maintain the incessant cyclical flow of Anima. You must show consideration, respect and discretion if you want to win their trust.

Here you have to go through 9 chapters in sequence.

  • Welcome to Ardenweald. The introductory chapter allows you to look around and take a break from the endless battles in Maldraxxus. We first arrive in Ardenweald and learn about the effects of the anima drought in the zone, including how groves and spirits are being chosen to live or die.
  • Tranquil Pools. You learn about the important role of these forests in the cycle of life in the universe, in particular, for the first time you see wild seeds, which contain souls ready for rebirth. Among others, you will find one such seed that protects an unusual soul ...
  • Spirit Glen. Despite the seeming peace and quiet, creatures are found in these lands, hungry for the Anima, which these territories are saturated with. The time has come to make a feasible contribution to the protection of this resource from hunters. At the end of this chapter, you will receive the Night Fae Covenant ability.
  • Waning Grove. In the course of this chapter, you will learn that even among the Covenant so close to nature, there are renegades who seek to feed the Anima through their access to it. It is also during this chapter that we see the Queen for the first time. You won’t be able to talk to her, but this is not the end of your stay at Ardenweald, and you still have unfinished business here.
  • Glittering Falls. Yes, the population of these forests is peaceful, but the Night Fae are well aware that the lands saturated with the Anima must be under reliable protection, so they have an army called the Wild Hunt. Unfortunately, you are about to learn that many of the apostates you find stealing the Anima were once in the ranks of those who were obliged to protect her.
  • This is the Way. Remember the special wild seed you found during the second chapter? Well, now is the time to learn about its true value. The power within him began to behave chaotically and out of control, so now it is necessary to find a huge amount of Anim to calm him down. The Zone ability Soulshape, which you learn in this chapter, will allow you to take the form of a Vulpin, which temporarily increases your movement speed: this ability is especially useful in the Maw, where you cannot use Mounts.
  • The Fallen Tree. Find out who is behind the massive attacks on the groves throughout Ardenweald. Once again, you will be unpleasantly surprised. You also need to make every effort in order to repel the next attack.
  • Visions of the Dreamer. SPOILER ALERT! If you don’t want to find out whose soul is inside the special wild seed, please skip the next two chapters ’description. Remember Ysera? Many players will remember this character, who was killed in the Legion. It is this soul that is contained in the Wildseed that we protect. Unfortunately, after the Drust attack, it was mortally wounded. All measures must be taken to ensure that he has a chance to survive!
  • Awaken the Dreamer. Only the Queen can help us save Ysera’s soul from extinction and give her a chance to be reborn. Winter Queen saves her soul, but now she is tied to these forests, and thus can exist forever, protecting them. Now our path lies further - into the last of the 4 Leveling zones, the Revendreth. There we must find the unrivaled expert in anima extraction, the Venthyrs ’king, whose name is Sire Denathrius. All hope is that he will be able to supply us with a sufficient amount of this overvalued resource.

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Zone 4: Revendreth

Finally, you are taken to the final Zone, which separates you from the Covenant selection. This is a calm land, which, however, lives by its own laws. Representatives of the host Covenant, Venthyrs, hunt down unworthy souls to rob them of Anima and either never be reborn in history or give them a second chance. They are reasonable, impartial creatures that cannot be outwitted, confused, or fooled. Their decisions and judgments are balanced and objective. They value consistency, patience, and impartiality, as well as control over their emotions. At the end of your stay in this Zone will be participating in the first SL Raid: Castle Nathria (CN) Raid. Check out our super-effective Castle Nathria Raid Boosts category.

Here you have to go through 7 chapters in sequence.

  • Welcome to Revendreth. Introductory chapter. We learn about the rituals of this area, its role in SL, we can appreciate the exquisite architecture and atmosphere. Your character receives the first knowledge of rituals of redemption. You will also be given an audience with Lord Chamberlain, who is one of the masters and important people in Covenant.
  • Meet the Master. You learn that an uprising is raging in this land now, and you also meet the one for whom we went here; Sire Denathrius graciously agrees to assist us and grant the request, but your character must help suppress the rebellion in return. Well, that sounds good, especially when you consider that the rebels do not appear in the best light ... In order for you to fight the rebellious Venthyrs, he teaches you the Venthyr Covenant ability.
  • The Accuser’s Secret. We learn that one of the King’s former advisers, who also has at his disposal a special relic medallion that provides the ability to control a significant part of the province, must be imprisoned; Lord Chamberlain is asking for our help in implementing this plan. After talking with the prisoner, we learn that the King may not be who he is trying to impersonate, but this does not save him from a harsh sentence.
  • The Rebellion. Over the course of this chapter, we will learn a very useful skill of the Revendreth Zone that is called Door of Shadows: it allows you to instantly teleport over short distances via a teleport. This skill will find a lot of uses both in dungeons and in Raids, as well as when completing World quests in all zones. We will also chat with a character sentenced to prison, who will reveal to us the shocking truth about the true nature of Sire Denathrius. It turns out that he is most likely responsible for the shortage of Anima in these lands, as he merges its streams into the Maw. Despite the fact that you are not completely clear about his motives, you decide to join the rebellion and eliminate one of the King’s advisers named The Fearstalker.
  • Securing Sinfall. In order for the uprising to end with success, it is necessary to collect all military resources. You take part in the liberation of one of the leaders of the uprising named Duke Theotar. This will be a daunting task as he sits in an elaborately isolated, hard-to-reach location with 24/7 security guards, as well as the incessant exposure to sunlight that is damaging to Venthyrs and weakens even the strongest of them. However, your character is not afraid of him, which makes you an ideal candidate for this difficult task. Thanks to this, we can defend the bastion, which is the supposed place of the last stay of the main leader of the uprising, Prince Renathal.
  • The Prince and the Tower. We understand that the prince is in the most desperate and darkest zone from which it is difficult to return: The Maw. Now he is imprisoned in an ever-changing prison for the most powerful souls - the Torghast Tower. It is necessary to get him out of there so that the forces of the uprising can begin preparations for the decisive blow.
  • Menagerie of the Master. The entire chapter is devoted to the thorough preparation of the decisive blow, which should turn the tide of the conflict. The task is not easy: Sire Denathrius took refuge in his residence, which is perfectly protected. On his side, powerful monsters are fighting, who are ready to tear everyone apart for their king. However, it is necessary to deliver the strongest possible blow to win.

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So, to repeat the thought that was already sounded at the beginning: your first priority should be rapid 50-60 leveling since any delay exposes you to the risk of going through four zones among the crowd of people. This is why we highly recommend making sure that your character is one of the first to reach Lvl Cap.

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