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Torghast Guide And Overview

Torghast Guide And Overview
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Torghast is one of the long-awaited innovations in SL, which was high hopes for many players due to the release of the latest WoW SL expansion. The developers announced it as a massive PvE Endgame Dungeon experience, which was developed taking into account the comments of the gaming community about massive PvE content, in BfA in particular.

This is a large meta dungeon located in the Maw, an area not controlled by any of the SL Covenants. This building is used as a prison for the most dangerous and powerful souls ever to live on Azeroth. The main feature that distinguishes Torghast from similar predecessors is the continuous random generation of its structure. Superimposed on the wide variety of content and game challenges that the massive dungeon architecture offers, continuous, non-repetitive self-reproduction creates the endless game potential that will unfold wider and deeper as you progress, rather than being an annoying repetition of itself.

As you will see below, the system used in Torghast not only gives players more freedom of action, allowing them to concentrate on the game progress instead of forcing them to follow strict rules but also has a huge potential for development in accordance with the lively demands of the gaming community.

Like any half-land, Torghast offers a flexible and versatile reward system. During the passage of the greening, you can get useful loot from elite mobs and bosses, collect specialized resources that are used for various purposes and which can be obtained in different ways. However, the very process of passing the dungeon will also take you headlong due to its varied game mechanics, the abundance of tactical and strategic challenges offered to the player, the variety of content enclosed in different sectors of the tower, dynamic non-repetitive content, as well as harmonious complication and increasing complexity of the tasks that have to be solved as you move to the top of the tower.

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Torghast explained

Torghast Tower - a huge amount of content, the discussion of which can take more than one hour, since there are really a lot of opportunities that this dungeon opens up for the player in terms of personal growth. This Torghast Overview Guide was prepared by the CakeBoost Team in order to give players of all levels a general understanding of the structure of Torghast, the Tower of the Damned, its meaning, value, features. After reading this overview, you will have a big picture and information about most of the possibilities that this dungeon provides, as well as how it works in general.

The main question

WHY should players want to take part in the Torghast playthrough? Its legendaries.

Many players know that SL Legendaries made their triumphant path back to the game. Old school players who have been living in the WoW universe for a long time, no doubt, took this news with great joy, and many who have just joined our ranks have yet to learn about the features and benefits of this element of Classic WoW. Torghast is an integral part of this custom crafting process for Legendaries. Firstly, in the Dungeon you get a special resource Soul Ahs, which is used when creating Leg Items; secondly, the crafting of these items takes place inside Torghast, in The Runecarver’s Chamber.

However, in addition to this, Torghast has great rewarding potential: you can get a useful drop from the Boss or Elite Mobs, which will help you improve and diversify your character’s equipment. The developers have abandoned the idea of ​​endless useless loot, which has provoked "trash collection", so players can count on a useful, or at least interesting loot.

What is Torghast

Torghast is a dynamically generated Dungeon, which is available both for solo play and for a squad of players. The main feature of its structure is constant random self-reproduction, which makes the already ramified structure of the dungeon as unpredictable as possible. In fact, players can never complete 2 identical Runs. As indicated below, the changes concern not only the appearance but also the very structure of certain areas of Torghast.

How to enter Torghast

In order for your character to access Torghast, you must complete the Chosen Covenant Questline after reaching Level 60. The plotline of this chain itself will lead you to the Maw, damaging the desert area of ​​which the Tower of the Damned rises. By the way, among other resources of the dungeon, players will also be able to receive Freed Souls from special NPCs. This resource allows you to improve your current relationship with your chosen organization.

After your character first gets to the Torghast gate, you can later do it yourself through the Maw.

Torghast structure

Despite the fact that the architecture of a particular run is unstable and is constructed randomly, the dungeon has a common skeleton, an architecture that connects everything together.

The whole tower has 6 wings (Scoldus Hall, Fracture Chambers, Soulforges, Cold Heart of Interstitia, Mort’regar, The Upper Reaches). At the same time, access is open only in 2 of them every week, after which a pair of open Wings changes to another.

Each wing has 8 layers, each with 6 floors. Thus, each wing contains 8 x 6 = 42 Floors. After passing each Layer, that is, complete cleanup of 6 Floors, you must meet the Layer Boss, after defeating which, you will receive Soul Ash and access to the next Layer. After the first clearing of the Layer, it is marked as Cleared and you can continue to advance towards the top of this wing with saving progress, without having to re-run.

On every third Floor of each Layer, there is a Safe Zone, where the player can talk to the NPC, purchase items or resources, or exchange the accumulated resources for something useful. NPCs are also present on the 6th floor, at the end of the current Layer.

In addition to the 6 Wings, there is also a special sector of the Tower called the Twisting corridor: this is a random Run, which is a set of 3 random Layers taken from any tower according to the difficulty level of the layers you are exposed to in the Wings. The twisting corridor has 18 Floors. Due to the fact that it combines Layers from different Wings in itself, the players will be forced to rebuild in accordance with the changing environment. After each passage of the Corridors, the player does not receive Soul Ash but receives valuable achievements and cosmetic items.

However, do not forget that each time you pass any of the Layers of any Wing or Twisting corridor, each floor can be completely different. This may not only concern the structure or map of the Layer or Floor: you may encounter a different set of mobs, the location and type of traps will change. This forces the player to show the ability to quickly adapt to a rapidly changing situation.

The higher you climb, the more desperate, powerful and intelligent resistance from mobs and the environment you meet. Enemies become more cunning, and the environment and conditions often push you to look for more innovative approaches to solving the problems that come your way. Not only will the mobs get stronger: the Tower’s resistance itself seems to be increasing. On high floors, you will be influenced by Torments of the Tower, which are powerful stacking debuffs.

As you progress through each layer, on each floor you can find special Anima Orbs, which give a random enhancement or beneficial modification of your skill, + to talents, a random Buff and many other different influences, a discussion of the totality and diversity of which deserves a separate article. You can get Stack Effect of Orbs by getting them as an Elite Mob or Boss loot drop or destroying certain objects during the Run. Buffs and useful effects these Orbs can cast on your character allows players to challenge themselves in a variety of playstyles, focusing on taking advantage of certain advantages.

As the player progresses higher to the top of the Wing, Anima Orbs also provide stronger effects, as these Orbs vary in rarity, from Common up to Rare and Epic. Of course, the quality of the effects applied by the rarer varieties of Anima Orbs provide more options and motivate the player to move to the upper floors.

Another supporting resource is Tormented Soul, which applies Soul’s Blessing stacking buff, it increases your Pr.St. a bit and keeps attached to you until the end of the run even if you die.

Finally, it’s worth noting that Torghast has no timer. In Torghast, you have every right to walk through each floor thoughtfully, even during breaks; in fact, in Torghast you need to stop and think once in a while and know what you’re doing. Thuss, rushing can kill you quickly. The dungeon does not impose any time restrictions; however, your stay in the current Run is limited by “Death timer”. Thus, you want to avoid death, by all means, thus focusing more and trying to show your best performance.

The number of deaths given to a group for completing 1 Layer varies depending on the number of players in the team: if you are taking a solo passage, you have 3 deaths available; if there are two of you - 5 deaths on both, 3-7, 9 deaths for 4 people squad, and just 5 Deaths for 11. After you or your squad exceed the allowed death limit, a mega-elite boss spawns on your current floor. He is so powerful that he can kill any of your squad instantly. He will begin to move towards the exit from the layer, and the only last chance not to complete the current run in vain is to try to get to the exit from the layer before him, perhaps even at the cost of someone from the squad.


At the end of each Layer, you will have to fight a Boss. Only after you have killed the Boss, you can move to the next Layer. With 6 original Wings in the Dungeon, each containing a variety of different and evolving Mobs, players have the opportunity to fight the most unusual and varied Bosses as they move higher and higher up the Torghast’s ladders. It will be a challenging challenge for experienced players as well as a great combat school for newbies. Plus, it will not only make you constantly improve in quick adaptation, but it will also keep you from getting bored. Bosses will differ significantly from each other, not only from Wing to Wing but also from Layer to Layer. You will have to look for a separate approach and tactical key for each of the bosses or Elite Mobs.

From the Loot, which falls after killing the Boss, your character can collect good equipment, get useful items, as well as materials for crafting legendary items.


Another unique element of the game mechanics of Torghast is trapped. This dungeon features a wide variety of traps: Fire and Spike traps, random disorienting teleportation, arcane bombers and much more. These traps can be disguised in different ways and triggered at the most inopportune moment, which can significantly affect your combat effectiveness, so players must be careful and attentive, especially considering the restrictions on the number of deaths. As you move to the top of the tower, you will encounter more sophisticated traps, which require a good knowledge of how they work and masking their counterparts at the lower levels to detect them.

In addition to clever traps, you will also come across chests locked with puzzle locks, where you need to guess the correct mutual arrangement of the levers ... And many other protective mechanisms of the game environment, imperceptible at first glance, but giving the process of passing the dungeon variety and dynamics.

Resources and currencies

In addition to the useful Loot and Materials for crafting Leg Items, in Torghast, the player can receive a number of specific Resources and Currencies that are used for various purposes.

As mentioned above, during the course of the dungeon, players will be able to receive Anima Orbs that have stack random effects. As your character consistently makes his way to the upper Floors and the environment evolves in difficulty, the rarity and usefulness of Anima Orbs encountered along the way increases; thus, the advantages available to the player also have development potential.

Another dungeon currency is Phantasma. It is used only in Torghast and can only be spent during the current Run from specialized vendors on the 3rd and 6th floors. This resource accumulates as loot is collected, as well as the destruction of mobs, bosses and objects. In exchange for Phantasma, you can twist the death counter, get a random Anima Buff, or even the whole Orb if you’ve gathered enough, different consumables and interesting Stealth items that will allow you to sneak past some MBs unnoticed, avoiding direct confrontation. This resource is most attractive because it can be used to buy Soul Ash.

Soul Ash is the main resource of interest for creating Legendary Items. Players receive it after completing the Layer and as they progress through the Floors (contained in special Reliquaries). In order to create such an item, you must also have the appropriate Recipe; their variety is very great, as are the methods of obtaining it. Through the extraction of Soul Ash in Torghast, players will be able to create a variety of items with excellent characteristics, which will be of particular value and will affect the combat mechanics of the game. As such, Soul Ash is the top priority resource for those players looking to acquire Legendaries. Check out our reliable and safe Soul Ash farm service to get a lot of it.

Freed Soul - freed souls, a special resource that can be purchased from a specialized NPC in the Safe Zone on the 3rd floor or at the end of the Layer 6m. This special resource improves your Reputation and increases the credibility of the chosen Covenant. If you are interested in improving your positions in your chosen organization, check out our Covenant Renown Boost and Freed Souls Farm.

Even in a short Guide-Review, it is necessary to fit a sufficient amount of diverse information in order to give a comprehensive idea of ​​the overall structure of Torghast, the Tower of the Damned. At the same time, we did not go into all the details and nuances, each of which, as well as combinations of which, are capable of giving greater freedom of action and a variety of diverse possibilities to any player. Overall, the Dungeon is a complex, authentic experience that also seamlessly weaves into the overall structure of SL’s storytelling. Torghast Dungeon, thanks to its deep thoughtfulness and a wide range of activities, has a chance not only to become an “indispensable Milestone” on the way of SL Expansion development but also as an independent piece of content that attracts players not only with the reward waiting at the end but also by the process itself.

It’s also nice that the presence of the Soul Ash cap, which sets a certain weekly limit on the amount of this special resource, is a direct hint that endless grind is a thing of the past.

Moreover, the exacting mechanics of Torghast present challenging and challenging challenges that always motivate players to self-develop and explore the game. For sure, Torghast will continue to develop and realize its gaming potential in the future: it is possible that we only have to learn about the new grandiose benefits and opportunities of this meta-dungeon. It is possible that we will also encounter especially powerful or original new Bosses with great potential and unpredictable combat mechanics.

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