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Everything About WoW Classic Season of Mastery Release Date & Changes

Everything About WoW Classic Season of Mastery Release Date & Changes
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The 2019 release of World of Warcraft Classic was a resounding success. Despite concerns about the original WoW version’s outdated design, veterans and newcomers alike have found much to enjoy in this retro title. However, the launch of Burning Crusade Classic has put its future into question. Although the vanilla experience was preserved in Classic Era servers, their population has been much reduced. At the end of September, Blizzard announced the Season of Mastery. This idea is meant to reinvigorate the title by creating several raids-focused servers. People on those servers will get to progress through WoW Classic all over again, at an accelerated pace and facing a steeper challenge.

Faster Progression

The developers have already shared their plans for how content will be released on those new servers. As in the original game and at the start of WoW Classic, some things will not be available at first. Raids, dungeons, and some other endgame activities will be rolled out over several content phases:

  • One: Maraudon dungeon, Dire Maul dungeon, Molten Core and Onyxia’s Lair raids, Eastern Plaguelands World PvP, PvP Honor and Battlegrounds;
  • Two: Azuregos and Lord Kazzak world bosses;
  • Three: Blackwing Lair raid, Darkmoon Faire event and related drops;
  • Four: Zul’Gurub raid, Emeriss, Lethon, Taerar, and Ysondre world bosses;
  • Five: Ahn’Qiraj War Effort event and the Temple and Ruins raids;
  • Six: Scourge Invasion event, Naxxramas raid.

While largely identical to the original Classic release schedule, it will occur at a much faster pace. The first phase content will be available on server launch. Other phases will commence with intervals of approximately two months between them. As a result, the entirety of vanilla content should be around after a year. Some details remain unclear, such as how quickly the Ahn’Qiraj instances will become available, given their connection to player performance. All PvP content being available from the beginning is the other major change, allowing players to start farming Honor right away.

Increased Challenge

Other than the unlock speed, the emphasis in Season of Mastery is on making the content challenging without changing it excessively. The knowledge and skill gained since the original MMORPG’s release made many Classic encounters trivial for hardcore players. At present, the exact changes are still up in the air. Early testing has revealed that initial instance buffs have not been sufficient to seriously challenge committed players. However, the development team plans to use several strategies to make their instances tough again:

  • World buffs like Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer obtained from slaying Onyxia in her lair will no longer be usable during raids. If stored in the recently introduced Chronoboon Displacer, the buffs will not disappear from it, but activating them during the raid will just erase them;
  • Previously removed mechanics will be restored to many instances, while some of the original nerfs will be reversed. For example, many bosses will carry out more area of effect attacks or add extra debuffs to their abilities;
  • New mechanics were added to counter questionable player tactics such as kiting. For instance, Rogues may be temporarily locked out of stealing in Blackrock Depths after some thefts. Similarly, as of the latest test build, many enemies in Maraudon and Stratholme will gain 30-second immunities to snare effects. That should force players to get more creative;
  • Raid boss health will be increased across the board. However, bosses will no longer have a 16 debuff cap, allowing resourceful combatants to mitigate this buff somewhat;
  • Weaker enemies shall be readded in certain open world areas and elsewhere. Some of them may be strengthened as well.

There is also going to be a new challenge for the hardcore crowd. By speaking to a High Elf Chronicler in Ironforge or Undercity, characters will be able to attach the Soul of Iron buff to their characters. This icon will provide no mechanical advantage whatsoever. Instead, it is meant to indicate that the character never died. If a marked character does die, the Soul of Iron buff will be replaced with the Tarnished Soul debuff. In addition to signifying your failure, it will inflict a 1% debuff to all stats. Mercifully, the debuff shall not stack after additional deaths. Chroniclers could remove it on request.

Smoother Experience

The above changes are meant to make the game harder by requiring more skill and disabling cheap tactics. However, they are not supposed to make it more frustrating. On the contrary, there are other tweaks in the works for those servers that should make the overall experience more comfortable and smooth:

  • Experience gains will occur at a pace modelled on The Burning Crusade rather than the vanilla game, enabling much faster powerleveling. That should help players keep pace with the faster content schedule;
  • Likewise and for similar reasons, the PvP Honor gain rate may be increased from 20% to 40% as of the current build;
  • Level 50 Class quests and Dungeon Set 2 questlines to upgrade earlier class dungeon gear (like the Rogue’s Darkmantle items) will be available from the start, instead of being unlocked in later phases. Elemental Templars and Dukes could be summoned at Twilight’s Hammer sites to speed up progress;
  • Dungeon rewards will operate as in patch 1.10, meaning that relic items will be available from the start, along with other drops;
  • Notably, the developers have decided to keep gear loot drops otherwise the same and to refrain from class balance changes. However, they have left the option of introducing such changes in future seasons open;
  • Gathering professions (specifically, Herbalism and Mining) will find more nodes on the map, hopefully creating a more balanced economy;
  • As in later versions of the game, Meeting Stones will now function as Summoning Stones, making teams easier to bring together.

Questions and Answers

Q: When is the WoW Classic Season of Mastery release date?

A: Although Blizzard have not revealed when Season of Mastery starts until quite recently, we now know that Season of Mastery is coming on November 16, at 11 PM GMT.

Q: How to play WoW Season of Mastery?

A: Once the update is released, download and install the Season of Mastery client through the WoW Classic tab of your WoW account in the Battle.net application. Then select one of the designated Season of Mastery realms, create a character, and play as usual. Note that each account can have up to 50 characters in WoW Classic. Season of Mastery characters are subject to this limit.

Q: How do Name Reservations for Season of Mastery work?

A: Starting on November 11, 8 PM GMT, players can reserve character names for Season of Mastery. During that time, every person with an active WoW subscription or account playtime will be able to create one character for an upcoming Season of Mastery realm. If you change your mind, you can delete that character and make another, but any currently unclaimed name may be taken by someone else. Realms will also be subject to stricter population limits, though further realms will be created to meet demand.

In October, Season of Mastery entered beta testing in the Public Test Realm. Although the basic concept for it is set in stone, many of the details are still in flux. There have been many changes throughout the WoW Season of Mastery open beta. Given the stated objective of challenging experienced raiders, it is inevitable that there will be plenty of finetuning for various mechanics. It remains to be seen whether this idea will be enough to breathe new life into the Classic Era. However, it will surely be worth checking out for its long-term fans. If they wish to get to the new servers’ endgame even quicker, they should check out our 1-60 powerleveling service!

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