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Do you still doubt our commitment to the promotion of the development of our business? Contact CakeBoost support and we will immediately dispel that! Join us now and get some impressive bonuses. In case you want to cooperate with us as an investor, we will prove our commitment by providing you with all necessary information you might apply for.

About the company

The GAMES EXPERTS LTD (Company, no. 12399019, Unit 11356, Ground Floor, 30 Bloomsburry Street, London, WC1B 3QJ, The United Kingdom) is classified as a coaching company. Cakeboost maintains a high level of international standards providing services in the area of computer games for over 5 years. Our long-term and productive relationships with customers stem from the position of trust and responsibility our team of Pro coaches and career experts adheres to.

Why do we worth your trust?

Our company was established by those people, who once fell in love with the gaming process and wanted to expand their hobby to the dream job. We crave to share this love with you by means of this web-site. Our company advises clients on various games and helps them to improve their playing skills, so they could get a ton of positive emotions every day. Among other things, one of our primary objectives is to organize workplace for self-employed.

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Several facts about us

$800 000

company’s annual turnover;


growth in 2020 in comparison with 2019;

$350 000

annual return;

3 000

satisfied customers from The European Union and the United States served.

Video about us

Who we were?

On January 01, 2020

$30 000/month


At that time the company’s income has already been high and we were growing rapidly.

153 clients / month


Each client comes back 11 times on average every month.

10 colleagues / 450 employees


But for 2 CEO’s, we had 8 operators and around 450 employees. Their main duty is to help you seek any information on the progress of the order

Old-fashioned website


We are proud that CakeBoost started such a gorgeous website almost 5 years ago, but the time to change has come, as this website became inefficient and outdated.

Who we now?


$41 000/month


This year we decided to accelerate the search for the payable clients and pay more attention to those in our repository.

294 clients / month


Average income that time was growing rapidly already, but this year we decided to scale up our searching of rich and payable clients

18 colleagues / 1000 employees


The vast majority of efforts CakeBoost applies is aimed at fulfilling our customers needs and requirements, hence we have hired more professionals to retain our world’s highest standards.

Hot website


Now we are launching a new, magnificent website that will thrill you and take your entertainment, so as the ingaming process to the next step!





Our client from certain countries:

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Two more reasons to work with us


Our company’s policy is exclusively focused on the top standards of the services to be delivered. You can make sure by checking the reviews at the independent website, which is the most popular throughout the gaming communities.


Our clients may always rest assured that CakeBoost provides with the best prices on the market. Besides, our customers support works 24/7. We want all those who has once become one of the CakeBoost customers to feel free to contact us anytime they want to receive appropriate and immediate assistance. And now it’s your turn!