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PoE Maps Boosting

Atlas boosts exist to help you get the most out of Path of Exile’s endgame without spending any time on repetitive grinds you don’t enjoy. To that end, CakeBoost offers Watchstone farming services as well as Full Atlas and Awakened Atlas bonus unlock boosts in any league. If you hire our professional boosters to complete those tasks, you will soon receive access to superior maps, enemies, and rewards at the tier of your choice.

PoE Maps Boosting

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Buy PoE Watchstones Farm Boost Service at the lowest price on the market. With the help of this service you will quickly get the required number of Watchstones, regardless of the league your character is in.

There are 32 Watchstones in PoE, 4 in each of 8 regions; There are 4 types of stones, each of which, being inlaid in the zone, gives a certain development to its current stats, increases the level of enemies and rewards. This increases the gaming potential of the zones, therefore Watchstones are a valuable and useful resource for developing players.

In order to get Watchstones, you must defeat each of the 4 Conquerors in the capital of each Zone. In addition, at the end of the plot, players must battle the special, main boss, the most powerful Atlas Invaders - Sirus, Awakener of Worlds, who drops a unique special Ivory Watchstone that can’t be obtained in other ways (WARNING! Ivory Watchstone is NOT included in PoE Watchstones Farm Boost Service).

The Watchstones Farm Boost Service is designed to quickly get the right amount of Watchstones quickly and effortlessly. Our experts will collect 1-32 stones for you, regardless of your current progress and the league your character is in. You will not only receive a lot of XP and new levels, but also retain all the items and currency received during the execution of the service. 100% success guaranteed.