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1000 Chaos Orbs Bundle

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1000 Chaos Orbs Bundle

1000 Chaos Orbs Bundle

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Buy 1000 Chaos Orbs Bundle 

If Exalted Orbs are the gold of Path of Exile’s economy, then Chaos Orbs are the silver. Those items are used to reroll the modifiers on rare items, making the difference between mediocre and outstanding gear. The unpredictability of the results makes it especially important to have a large stash of the orbs, allowing you to try again until you get the gear you want. Alternately, they can be traded for any number of other items on the market. CakeBoost’s bundle will set you up with a plentiful supply of Chaos Orbs for both commerce and experimentation at a lower bulk price!

You will get:

  • 1000 Chaos Orbs.

ETA: 1-2 days

While unique items may have more unusual bonuses, rare items offer the highest raw power of any gear in the game. However, this power can vary drastically depending on their rolls. Each rare item has between three and six modifiers (prefixes and suffixes). A Chaos Orb reroll can change not only the modifiers themselves but also their number, making a tremendous difference to the rare item’s strength. Different builds work better with different modifiers, making finetuning rare gear even more important. However, this roll is always a gamble, making a large reserve of Chaos Orbs essential if you plan to engage in serious crafting.

You can acquire Chaos Orbs by defeating monsters, opening chests, or smashing containers. They may also be found in the Arcanist’s Strongboxes, defended by large groups of monsters. Chaos Orbs are not a common spawn, however, so getting them relies on luck and persistence at least as much as using them. CakeBoost offers a way to save yourself time, effort, and frustration. Our pro-boosters can farm the Chaos Orbs for you, soon allowing you to get on with the crafting or trading.