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PoE Bosses Kills

PoE Bosses Kills

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​​​​​​​When a player gets accustomed to the vastness of the game and pumps his strength to a certain level, he or she begins to look for real adventures that are not only capable of challenging his game skill, but also promise a prestigious award worthy of invested time and effort. Well, in PoE you can fight Zone bosses that are stronger than any usual monster. Regardless of the level of your training and the quality of weapons, these Bosses are able to knock the last spirit out of you.

You will get:

  • Kill any boss of your choice

ETA: 1-2 days

CakeBoost offers PoE Boss Farm Boost Service at the lowest price on the market. Using this service, you can win the required number of victories over one or more of the 7 presented Bosses (see the list below). For killing these Bosses, your character will receive a huge amount of experience and valuable Loot, which cannot be obtained in other ways. A large amount of experience gained leads to an acceleration of increasing your level.

In addition to 7 bosses from the list, you can also order the killing of Sirus, Awakener of Worlds. This boss is even stronger! In the Conquerors of the Atlas expansion, he is the main antagonist. He has a lot of attacking tactics and a variety of abilities, which makes the battle with him a very difficult task even for experienced and well-equipped players, but the impressive amount of experience and the value of Loot that your character will get is definitely worth the effort.

If your character level is not enough to begin to eliminate the most powerful bosses of the game, you can use PoE Powerleveling Boost Service by CakeBoost.

If you want to take a personal part in the execution of the order, you can order Extra-Option SELFPLAY: you will manage your character under the supervision and with the constant support of our team of specialists. You will get an unforgettable experience and the opportunity to rate the qualifications of our Boosters for yourself.

Please note that the price of PoE Boosting Services may vary depending on the League your character is in.

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