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Challenges are optional quests that are available to challenge league players. The most significant difference between Challenges and Achievements is a specific league. Your Challenges will not progress and will remain with you only until the end of the current league.

You will get:

  • Any number of challenges completed
  • Any loot obtained during the boost

ETA: flexible

Challenges are available for viewing by other players both in the game and on the game website: they look like a special icon next to the name of your character, which shows the number of successfully completed Challenges. Thus, this type of game activism serves mainly to increase its prestige among other players and thus qualify for places in stronger teams, which makes the game incomparably more exciting.

In the game there are a large number of various Challenges, which become available as the player reaches new levels. Each of them is unique in its own way and requires a player to react and be creative. Like the rest of PoE content, Challenges is very difficult to solo: you need to take care of finding a decent team of allies with whom you will establish mutual understanding. The harder the Challenge, the more worthy the reward: more HP and more useful. Items become.

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