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PoE Coaching Service

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PoE is a fairly distinctive representative of the RPG genre. The developers retained all the advantages of this genre, with which the players fell in love it; however, they also added their own touches to the game, trying to make it original and challenging. The world of PoE is cruel and unfriendly; in order to survive and reach significant heights here, the player must be smart, strategic thinking, able to quickly adapt... And much more.

You will get:

  • Training in the game for the desired number of hours
  • Many useful secrets and skills

ETA: depends on the number of hours selected

PoE doesn’t give players a strict framework, inviting them to decide how the character develops on their own. For example, a huge tree of skills is presented in the game, from one sight of which ahead may spin! It looks more like a huge web. The developers decided to give players complete freedom: regardless of the class chosen, the character can learn any Primary Passive Skills - the difference in classes is that they start from different "branches" of the tree. This feature allows you to create a unique Build, but it also requires you to plan, study the theory, and practice a lot...

In order to quickly navigate the game and get the full range of pleasures that PoE can provide, you can use the help of a professional trainer: buy the exclusive PoE Coaching Boost Service from CakeBoost.

What is this service for? Firstly, the coach will help determine the exact goal that you want to achieve; secondly, he will develop an accurate program for its speedy achievement; and thirdly, he will teach you the necessary skills and tricks, focusing specifically on those game aspects that you need to fulfill your goal. You will receive an individual approach, attentive attitude, personalized work on errors. The Coach will evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and will create the optimal program for turning your character into a killer machine quickly.

If you are a beginner, then thanks to personal coaching you will quickly understand the basic game mechanics, navigate the world, learn the mass of effective techniques and tactics and become a worthy player, fully prepared for independent further development. If you already have the experience, coaching will help you bring your gaming performance to a whole new level: you will find many techniques, life hacks and tricks to achieve maximum efficiency.

A personal Coach will be selected for you from our employees in accordance with your playing style and desired goals. Each of our employees is an experienced professional gamer with a refined technique who owns all the necessary theoretical information about various aspects of the game. All our Boosters have passed a rough multistage selection and have invaluable experience gained over the years of fierce battles - and now they are ready to share this experience with you!