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PoE Level Boost

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The character’s level determines the player’s abilities in the game. As your character develops, you will gain access to new locations, more exciting missions, better items, prestigious equipment that increases your gaming potential, and so on. However, as your character’s level improves, the level of monsters will also increase, so many players will find that each subsequent step on the level ladder in PoE is difficult and takes more time and energy than previous ones.

You’ll get:

  • Fast 0-60, 0-70,0-80, 0-90,0-100 leveling boost
  • We will not spend any of your currency for the boost;
  • We will use a build provided by you in the process of leveling.

ETA: flexible

At the moment, the game has 10 acts, which are divided into 2 parts. During each act, your character must perform various tasks that are associated with killing monsters. You must take the task, fulfill all the requirements, complete the quest, and receive a reward in the form of experience. However, the higher the level you reach, the more aspects you have to take care of - from pumping armor from various threats to developing new game tactics, as your enemies will become more cunning, smarter and more insidious, giving you new challenges.

The level of primacy determines the maximum characteristics of the available equipment - armor and weapons. The higher the level, the better the armor protects and the more deadly your weapon. Also, as your character develops, you will be able to move further along the almost endless web of Passive skills, which is a distinctive feature of PoE compared to other RPGs. Your character will become more interesting and multifaceted, which, in turn, will allow you to develop your arsenal of game tactics and find new approaches to various game activities.

With each level conquered, the character receives a certain number of Stats: +12 Max. HP, +6 Max. Mana, +3 Evasion, +2 Accuracy for 1 Lvl.

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Please note that the price of PoE Boosting Services may vary depending on the League your character is in.

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