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PoE Silver Power Package

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PoE Silver Power Package

PoE Silver Power Package

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Path of Exile’s endgame is one of the action RPG’s main selling points. Once the main storyline is complete, characters are unleashed upon the multiverse represented in the Atlas of Worlds, taking on an infinite variety of random maps with challenging fights and fun rewards. This part of the game has been the focus of the latest update and will continue to grow in the future. If you want to experience the endgame without having to deal with everything that comes before it, this CakeBoost package is for you.

You will get:

  • 80 level
  • Most of the end game gear
  • 4 Labs completion
  • 10 storyline acts completed

ETA: 1-3 days

The Silver Power Package will give you everything you need to start exploring the Atlas of Worlds. The ten-Act story will be finished for you, letting you start playing in the Epilogue where you will be free to contact Officer Kirac and gain access to the Atlas of Worlds. Your character will advance to level 80, gaining the power they need to take on high-tier enemies. They will also receive a curated selection of gear suitable for that level. Finally, they will benefit from completing the Lord’s Labyrinth dungeon at Normal and Cruel difficulties, which will yield an Ascendancy class, 4 Ascendancy Points, and implicit modifiers to some of their gear.

The story campaign of Path of Exile can be fun in its own right, but it is not for everyone. In many ways, it is only the prelude to the endgame, where the game’s mechanics truly shine. Why spend time and effort on something you don’t find interesting? CakeBoost’s expert pro-boosters can get the main story out of the way, setting you up to enjoy the Atlas of Worlds.