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Watchstones are the memories and feelings of the countless victims of the Elder. They are forever sealed in a piece of colored stone and will never find a way out of there. Residents of the PoE world use these stones to create new bases on the map, as well as to improve map tiers.

You will get:

  • A desired amount of watchstones to improve the atlas

ETA: flexible

In total, up to 32 stones can be collected from the atlas: 4 stones in each of 8 regions. To obtain these stones, you must defeat the Boss in the Citadel (capital) of the current region. In total there are 5 Watchstones of different colors, each with its own characteristic of improvement. However, Ivory Watchstone is unique, and can only be obtained for killing Sirus, Awakener of Worlds. This is the main antagonist. Please note that receiving this stone is NOT included in this service.

You can embed Watchstones into regions, thus increasing their Tier, which in turn makes monsters smarter and stronger, and the reward is worthy. With this, you will not let yourself get bored and you will always find new game challenges corresponding to your level. With each implemented Watchstone, Awakening Level of the Atlas increases by 1; this way you can reach the maximum Awakening Level, inserting all 32 stones.

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