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Coaching Arena 2vs2 / 3vs3

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Buy WoW Arena Coaching service includes:

Buy WoW Arena Coaching service, get personal arena coaching with PRO titled players, improve your skills, theoretical and practical preparation, Basics of your class (additional), Selfplay format. Discount Code 7% OFF - SWEETCAKE.

  • You think you're doing fine, but it's hard to find an experienced team? - We will help you out!;
  • Here you can get coaching in 2vs2 and 3vs3 with professional players (Gladiators or R1);
  • Coaching games include every single aspect of arena perspective in-and-out (arena nuances, add-ons, macros, how to play against different comps, what talents should u pick and your fails as well);
  • The main idea of coaching games is to improve your skill up to Gladiator's rating.

Top tier comps: 

       1st class/spec          2d class/spec       3d class/spec
1 Rogue: Assasination/Subtlety/Outlaw Mage: Frost, Fire  Priest: Discipline / Druid: Restoration/ Paladin: Holy
2 Hunter: Beast Mastery / Survival Druid: Feral   Priest: Discipline / Paladin: Holy
3 Shaman: Enhancement Warrior: Arms Monk: Mistweaver / Paladin: Holy
4 Paladin: Retribution Hunter: Beast Mastery /Survival Shaman: Restoration / Priest: Discipline
5 Rogue: Assasination Druid: Balance Priest: Discipline / Paladin: Holy
6 Demon Hunter: Vengeance Warrior: Arms Shaman: Restoration / Druid: Restoration
7 Priest: Shadow Mage: Frost, Fire  Monk: Mistweaver / Paladin: Holy / Druid: Restoration
8 Warlock : Destruction Rogue: Assasination, Subtlety Paladin: Holy / Shaman: Restoration
9 Priest: Shadow Druid: Balance Paladin: Holy / Shaman: Restoration 
10 Demon Hunter: Vengeance Shaman: Enhancement Monk: Mistweaver
11 Monk: Windwalker Mage: Frost, Fire  Priest: Discipline
12 Priest: Shadow Shaman: Enhancement Paladin: Holy / Shaman: Restoration 


WoW Arena Coaching Service

CakeBoost team is proud to provide you with the best World of Warcraft arena service. It’s created for those who want to find a team of really experienced players to bring the game to the new level, or for the players who want to know more about the theory of the game. We will teach you how o win on the Arena. Since 2010, we search for the best players to recruit in our team, so they become your guide into the highest echelon of 2v2 and 3v3 and becoming the Gladiator. Today they are ready to present you the result of years of hard work. This service is very specialized for the concrete race, class and specialization – our manager will work out your individual coaching program focusing on skills you want to improve. Learn from the best. This service pack is presented for all WOW races and classes (Paladin, Mage, Monk, Warrior, Warlock, Rogue, Priest, Death Knight, Demon Hunter, Hunter, Druid, Shaman) and everyone across EU and USA who really want to evolve.

Since time immemorial, since the birth of the world, the two factions, the Alliance and the Horde, have been plunged into irreconcilable hostility. However, much has changed since the days of the First War, and even within the factions differences have arisen, sometimes reaching bloody skirmishes. A hard time has engendered many titans, strong men and heroes, and yet only a few dare calling themselves True Gladiators. Wherever they appear, they’re accompanied by fame, respect and universal admiration. These warriors, with incredible strength and experience, the real champions of Azeroth, are now ready to give you a hand to help you to become as powerful as they are. However, this requires tremendous efforts and really mighty mentors ...

But for this purpose there is our CakeBoost team! Since 2010, we have been working tirelessly to find the best of the best who would be willing to share their experience and pass on their skills that have been honed by years of hard work. Now, years later, the ranks of our team consist only of the best among the best veterans from around the world. They are ready to give you all the collected knowledge about the skill of skirmishes in the Arena grain by grain. All you need to do is contact us and order the necessary service. Our gladiators will be happy to accompany you on your hard way up to the top to welcome in the ranks of the best one day. Obtain secret knowledge from those who stubbornly sought it, and you will open the door only the chosen can pass through.

PvP coaching Arena for damagers

If you are the damager of your team, but you feel that you don't fully understand all the techniques and subtleties of this role, we can help you to reveal your potential. You can order personal training at an affordable price. Our experienced professional masters will teach you to inflict maximum damage in any arena formats 2v2 or 3v3. Become better with our trainers and go conquer RBG!

Participate in our training course, and you will significantly increase your damage skills, learn to control the situation and feel much more confident. Don't waste time thinking - become one of the students of our team. You will receive full support from seasoned veterans of the game and become the best PvP player in your guild!

PvP coaching Arena for healers

If you dream of becoming an irreplaceable healer for your team or even the best one on the server, if you want the best guilds to fight for your support, we can help you to fulfill your desires. Forget about the difficulties. Our experienced healers will teach you how to use the capabilities of your character to the maximum. You will learn how to apply your healing skills and survive in a collision with heavy damagers. Quit rush around the map in attempts to survive - time to have fun!

We will help you to understand the subtleties of the game, explain the basic principles and tactics of the game together with one, two or several damages, will show several ways to act confidently even facing two enemy's damagers or a healer. You won't get lost during the battle die in the first seconds anymore. Learn the secrets of the game, improve your skills. We will help you to choose the right way to improve your character, teach you how to correctly distribute stats. You will become the best healer ever.

We provide only high-quality service. All our players are masters of their business

If you decide to get the Arena PVP coaching from us, you will get a high-quality service. We never use any restricted or third-party software or bots, so don't you worry the reliability of the result. We will treat your character like our own and put our soul into evolving him or her. Contact us to get quality service at an affordable price. We fully guarantee you the satisfaction with our work. Under our guidance. The development of your character would evolve without any problems. The professionalism of our gamers, attentive attitude to customers and huge gaming experience create an ideal result.

  • Аctive World of Warcraft account with latest expansion (Battle for Azeroth);
  • Level 120 character;
  • Be near pc in boost period as all your AFK time counts in coaching time.
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2 reviews
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Awesome coaching service, great and kind players and good advices, fast rating with them ! Thanks again !

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Best coachers! Thank you!

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