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СakeBoost Service. Best WoW PvP | PVE, Dota 2, HearthStone, PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, counter strike global offensive, Overwatch, boosting service.
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Buy Arena coaching

Arena coaching service includes:

  • You will play with professional players who repeatedly earned legendary rank.
  • Professional players of our team will help you to understand the basics of the game;
  • Our team will tell you the nuances of class, game mechanics in details;
  • We will also answer all your questions and help to compile your deck;
  • We will play a game with you by analyzing your mistakes and explaining what you did wrong and how to avoid these mistakes.

Coaching boost Hearthstone is,
like any other card game, based on tactics. So if you make mistakes, then even the strongest deck will not help you win the battle.Do you take the certain rank and just stop progressing? Don’t have enough experience and have a lot of questions about the game of Hearhstone? Cakeboost will ensure that you play to the best of your true abilities!
Our boosters will explain what the strongest decks are at the moment, help you to collect them and also correct the mistakes you made during the match.
  • -Buy Hearthstone coaching and you can choose ranked, arena or wins coaching.
  • -Rank coaching - you will be playing with our booster via a voice chat and he will help you to deal with the mistakes and win that game!
  • Arena coaching - our booster will help you with assembling a proper deck, explain why these cards should be taken and will correct any mistakes.
  • -Wins coaching – our professional booster will help you during the games, fix the deck and help you win a chosen amount of games.

  • You have to be online at the scheduled and agreed time;
  • You must have an application for communication, such as Skype, TeamSpeak, RaidCall or another;
  • You must have 150 gold on your account for 1 run (minimum) or get ready to buy arena with real money.
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 2 reviews
by Nando on cakeboost.com
Great seller

Great seller. will use again most definitely. highly recommend!

by Bloopercandy on cakeboost.com
Great coaching service

Great coaching service, considering further orders

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