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Buy Argus Campaign

Argus campaign service includes:
  • We will complete Argus Campaign, unlock all available Lightforged Beacons and unlock powers for the Vindicaar Matrix Core which will greatly help you in world PvE/PvP combat on Argus;
  • You will get access to world quests.

ETA: 1-2 days
The Argus Campaign boost service
There are three parts of the Argus campaign: the first is The Assault Begins, the second is Dark Awakenings, and finally, the third is War of Light and Shadow. When you will complete all the parts, you will get the “You Are Now Prepared” achievement that is required for the “Paragon of Argus” meta-achievement. Every part is a great complex of different quests. As you complete them, you’re getting closer to improve the Vindicaar and get a lot of Artifact power. You will also get access to the special navigation tab to travel all across the Argus travelling points. The best reward you can get is the Netherlight Crucible, which is the tool used for the Artifact Relics improvements.
Every part of the campaign gives you the access to new world quests:
  • 1 = Krokuun/Antoran Wastes World Quests;
  • 2 = Nath'raxas Hold/Mac'Aree World Quests;
  • 3 = Kil'jaeden's Terrace/Western Mac'Aree World Quests.
There are more than 88 quests inside the Argus campaign ready to challenge you. If you skip this part of the game, you will significantly slow down the development of your character, a lot of gear, items and improvements will still be unavailable for you. Let us take care of hard work and enjoy new benefits with our Argus Campaign boost service.
  • Аctive world of warcraft account with latest expansion (Legion);
  • Level 110 character.
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by Knightmare on Blank Business Name
Best recomendations!

Huge thanks, guys! Best recomendations! Everything done quick and at a good price. Will order again 100%

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