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Battlemaster service includes:
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The Battlemaster title and achievement
Battlemaster is a complex achievement that consists of numerous parts of battleground domination. Each of them needs a special approach. Some take time, some require teamwork. Requirements for the Battlemaster title: Master of Alterac Valley. Requirements: 100 victories in Alterac Valley; 50 towers defended; win a match while the team is controlling both mines; win a match controlling all the enemy’s towers not losing a tower or a captain; Stormpike Battle Charger(Alliance) / Frostwolf Howler(Horde) obtained; 50 graveyards captured; 50 players killed in the Halls of the Stormpike/Hall of the Frostwolf.; Kill an enemy in the Field of Strife before dismount; capturing and defending graveyard + capturing and defending tower + kill enemy in the Field of Strife during a single match; get the Foror & Tigule picture with an autograph looted. Master of Warsong Gulch. Requirements: 100 victories in Warsong Gulch; 50 flags returned; 3-0 win; capturing and carrying 3 flags during a single match without dying; capture the flag in 75 seconds or less; Kill the enemy's flag carrier, while your flag is in enemy's flag room and their flag at their base under their control; capture the flag personally; 5 flags returned during a single match; win a match in 7 minutes or less; 2 enemy's flag carriers killed before they leave the flag room; 100 flag carriers killed total. Master of Arathi Basin. Requirements: 100 victories in Arathi Basin; 50 flags captured; 3 bases defended during a single match; win after holding a 500 resource disadvantage; match won in 6 minutes or less; capture and defend 2 bases during a single match; 1600-0 win; capture 3 bases during a single match; 50 flags recap; 10 wins controlling all 5 flags; 50 point win or less; 5 honorable kills at each base during a single match. Master of Strand of the Ancients. Requirements: 100 victories in Strand of the Ancients; deactivate 2 seaforium charges during a single match; 100 vehicles destroyed using a turret; 100 enemies killed while carying seaforium charges; 10 enemies killed in the Courtyard of the Ancients during a single match; 5 seaforium charges planted + damage the wall during a single match; defend the beach not losing a wall; capture the Titan Relic in 4 minutes or less; 100 seaforium charges planted and damaged the wall; win a match without losing vehicles; 5 vehicles destroyed using a turret during a single match; 5 enemies killed carrying seaforium charges during a single match; 100 enemies killed in the Courtyard of the Ancients total. Master of Eye of the Storm. Requirements: 100 victories in Eye of the Storm; 10 matches won with all 4 bases under the control of your team; 5 enemies killed carrying a flag during a single match; match won in 6 minutes or less; 1500-0 win; capture and carry the flag personally; Get a Killing Blow while wearing berserking buff.
What do I get buying the “Battlemaster” title obtaining service?
* The “Battlemaster” title and achievement * Mount Stormpike Battle Charger (Alliance)/Frostwolf Howler (Horde) achievement * Master of Alterac Valley, Master of Warsong Gulch, Master of Arathi Basin, Master of Strand of the Ancients, Master of Eye of the Storm and other achievements * Artifact Power and Honor points
  • Аctive World of Warcraft account with latest expansion (Battle for Azeroth);
  • Level 120 character;
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