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Buy Blacksmithing levelling

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Blacksmithing 1-700Blacksmithing 1-700:
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Blacksmithing levelling service includes:

  • Leveling your selected profession to the max;
  • Completing the quest chain of your profession to get the majority of main legion recipes;
  • Boost will be done by using your gold as default option for craft professions ;
  • Piloted boost (We guarantee the safety of your acc by using VPN of your city and country.

We can help you to evolve any profession you need:

  • Alchemy (Elixirs brewing, Flasks and Potion from various materials, mostly Herbs);
  • Mining (harvesting various minerals from underground nodes);
  • Engineering (useful gadgets and improvements craft, better equipment, etc.);
  • Leatherworking (armor crafting, armorkits and drums crafting with leather, scales, etc.);
  • Blacksmithing (turning various materials armor, weapons, and some useful items);
  • Enchanting (adding unique qualities to the weapons characteristics, armor and other equipment);
  • Inscription (glyphs, scrolls and cards crafting);
  • Tailoring (you can use some materials as cloth to craft armor, bags, spell threads and flying carpets);
  • Skinning (collect leather, scales and hides dropped off beasts and dragons, gather carapaces from nerubians and silithid);
  • Herbalism (various materials collecting ability, mostly elemental reagents and herbs);
  • Jewel crafting (ability to put stones into gems that can be locked in players’ equipment, providing stat improvements).

Boost takes 1-2 days.

  • Аctive World of Warcraft account with latest expansion (Legion);
  • Level 110 character.
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