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Buy Benthic Gear Farm Boost Service

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Buy Benthic Gear Farm includes:

  • You will get one piece 385-425 ilvl of Benthis Gear in Nazjatar;
  • Tons of Azerite to increase the power of your Heart of Azeroth;
  • Piloted (In case of piloted boost we use VPN of your city and country).


In [PATCH 8.2: Rise of Azshara], players will appreciate the new type of catch-up armor gear. It is called Benthic gear. Players can get it for Benthic tokens, which, in turn, can be obtained for performing various tasks in Nazjatar territory, as well as for a new type of game currency, Prismatic Manapearls (you can get it when researching a new Nazjatar zone, completing quests and following the storyline, as a reward for killing elite monsters and in other ways). This armor will be able to add new elements to your gaming experience, which can be interesting and diversify the time spent in WoW. To create a Benthic gear you must use the Benthic tokens. When activated, it creates a piece of 385 iLvL armor suitable for the race and class of your character (it can be one of 9 items: feet / leg / waist / hands / wrists / chest / back / shoulders / head).

Benthic gear can be inforced, the level can be improved up to 425 iLvl in exchange for Prismatic Manapearls in Nazjatar, but note that every next improvement will be more expensive. Benthic gear is not Warforgeabe / Titanforgeable.

Whatever method of obtaining a new armor you choose, it will take time and effort investment. Buy Benthic Gear Farm Boost service by CakeBoost and get the opportunity to get acquainted with the new product as soon as possible and without any extra effort. This service will help you get your desired pieces of Benthic gear quickly and at an attractive low price.

This service is performed in PILOTED format only: access to your account and managing your character will be transferred to one of our employees, who is selected individually, and soon you will become the owner of the desired piece of armor. We are careful about the security of our customers' accounts, so we never use third-party programs or cheats, and also use VPN and other precautions to avoid drawing too much attention and protect your account from ban.

CakeBoost has extensive experience in providing WoW boosting services to players around the world. The high professionalism of our employees allows us not only to be 100% confident in an excellent result, but also to achieve our goals quickly, without delays and problems. We keep prices low so that as many people as possible can appreciate the advantage of working with CakeBoost. Many reviews of satisfied customers speak for themselves. Join today and realize your gaming potential!

To place an order or clarify any details, please contact our managers via Skype or LiveChat.

  • Аctive World of Warcraft account with latest expansion (Battle for Azeroth);
  • Level 120 character.
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