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Flying in Battle for Azeroth (part I)

Flying in Battle of Azeroth (part I) service includes:

Complete the Battle for Azeroth achievements listed below (part one ):

Reward: Increased Mount Speed in Broken Isles;

ETA: 2-3 weeks.

“Battle for Azeroth” Flying Boost Service

In order to navigate through the air in a new “BATTLE FOR AZEROT” extension, you need to get the Prestige achievements that will allow you this way of moving.

So far, in the new expansion, you have to move on foot, admiring the beauty of the surrounding world. But, fortunately, you can immediately begin to work on being able to fly in the future. To do this, you must focus on gaining the Pathfinder 1 and Pathfinder 2 prestige achievements.

Why the “BATTLE FOR AZEROT” Flying Boost Service is useful?

For someone who is not a veteran of the game, these two skills are a serious goal, and they will have to work hard to get them. But that's why we, the CakeBoost team, exist. Trusting us, you are approaching your first flight as much as possible. We will lead your hero and won’t stop until he meets all the requirements. You won’t even have enough time to get tired of walking! In order to start moving through the air in the locations of the new “BATTLE FOR AZEROT” expansion, you should also wait a bit, because the possibility of flying is not yet represented in the “BATTLE FOR AZEROT”.

You must complete a hundred World Quests, complete the most important quest lines in the three allied zones, win the trust of the Allies and complete the War Campaign.

To execute this Boost Service, we must have access to your account, this is the only way to do the required actions.

  • Аctive World of Warcraft account with latest expansion (Battle for Azeroth);
  • Level 120 character.
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by Fix on Cakeboost.com

Thank you so much! High speed, great deal!

by Oler on Cakeboost.com

Good job! Thank you!

by Dayser on Cakeboost.com

You’re so helpful! Thank you, guys! Your boost shop is the best shop.

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