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Worgen Heritage Armor service includes:

  • You'll get Worgen Heritage Armor;
  • Piloted (In case of piloted boost we use VPN of your city and country).


Get the Worgen Heritage Armor Set fast, effortless, 100% guaranteed.

One of the features of the latest WoW massive expansion, Battle for Azeroth (BFA), is the abundance of various new Allied Races, each of which is unique: it has its own history, culture and features. Players have the opportunity to delve deeper into their culture and heritage with the help of special sets called Heritage armor sets.

These are cosmetic sets of armor, the appearance of which is different and unique to each Race/Allied Race. Heritage armor is also available for some major Races. Heritage armor sets reflect the culture and characteristics of each Allied Race. Once you open access to this armor, you can transmog it on top of any type of armor. Heritage Armor Set will be available to all characters in the account.

Worgens are large wolf-like humanoids resembling upright werewolves. These creatures are saturated with evil and receive special pleasure in tormenting and devouring sentient beings. They love to hear the cries of their victims when they tear their bodies to pieces and don’t show mercy. They only seem wild, but, in reality, are quite intelligent and possess fierce bestial cunning, which can become a complete surprise.

In order to unlock the desired type of Heritage armor, a Player must achieve an Exalted reputation with the appropriate faction (Allied Race) by completing a related quest chain.

Buy Worgen Heritage Armor Set Obtaining Boost Service by CakeBoost. Buying this service at a low price that will pleasantly surprise you, you not only save yourself from having to do monotonous quests yourself: you also significantly reduce the time it takes to achieve the desired result. Thanks to the professionalism of our staff, the time required to get the NAME Heritage Armor Set is significantly reduced compared to the average Player. You can be sure of 100% anonymity of the burden of the transaction. We care about all safety precautions in order to avoid unwanted attention of the gaming administration.

CakeBoost is a leading WoW Boosting company and works with Players all around the globe. Over the years of our work, we have already helped thousands of Players move to a fundamentally new gaming level and evaluate the benefits of working with professional Boosters. We care about the anonymity and security of our customers' accounts, and also always strive to provide the most effective and high-quality services at affordable prices. Join today to achieve your gaming goals quickly and effortlessly.

To get this Service, your character level must be 120. If your character is below 120, buy 1-120 Powerleveling Boost Service by CakeBoost. With this service, you will quickly and effortlessly reach the level required to gain Heritage armor sets.

If you want to receive additional information, ask a question or buy a service, contact our managers via Skype or LiveChat 24/7. Our staff will be happy to be of service and will answer all your questions, as well as assist with placing your order.

  • Аctive World of Warcraft account with latest expansion (Battle for Azeroth);
  • Level 120 character
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