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Buy Golden Weapon Skin Boost Overwatch (OW) Carry

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Buy Overwatch (OW) Golden Weapon Skin Boost Carry Service includes: 🔥

  • You will get Golden Weapon Skin;
  • You will get 0 - 3000 competitive point;
  • No cheats, bots used during the boost


Golden Weapons is a special skin for your Hero’s weapons in Overwatch. This unusual artifact serves to encourage active and successful players, as well as to show your status and achievements to others. In addition, such a weapon looks spectacular and sets you apart from the crowd: a golden sparkle attracts attention instantly. Despite the fact that the Golden weapon does not have any functional bonuses in comparison with the usual, many players strive to get it.

The process of obtaining Golden weapons is simple, but it requires perseverance, patience and time. In order to get the Golden weapons in OW, you must earn 3000 CP in Competitive Games. Given that for 1 victory you only get 10 points, it is easy to calculate that you will have to spend a lot of time and effort to gain the necessary amount of CP (you need to win about 200 Matches, and your rank at the end of the Season should be very high so that you can get a large number of premium CP's).

However, no one can guarantee that you will be lucky and won’t suffer even a single defeat. Often players are supported by the premium CPs that players receive at the end of the season and the amount of which depends on the rank achieved during the season (you can get up to 3000 for Grandmaster), so they can afford GW..

If you are fascinated by the unusual appearance of Golden weapons, but aren’t ready for long monotonous work without a guaranteed results, then you better save your time and buy Golden Weapons Obtaining Service by CakeBoost. This service will make you the proud owner of this prestigious accessory rapidly and at a low price.


· The executor for your order will be selected individually;

· Enough CP to purchase Golden Weapon (3000 CP) gained;

· Account level increased and Rank improved;

· At the end of the Service execution, you will not only receive the necessary amount of CP, but also become the owner of containers with unique items (graffiti, skins, icons and other accessories for your Hero);

· Rapid service execution;

· All necessary ecurity precautions;

· 100% guaranteed result!

We take all precautions to ensure the comprehensive security of your account. All orders are executed manually on high-quality equipment without third-party programs or bots. We value the anonymity of our customers high, therefore only you will know about the fact of purchasing a Boosting service. Place an order today and soon you will be able to flaunt gold weapons without making any effort for this.

For many years, we have been working hard to provide our customers with the best boosting services available on the market and now strive to stand by our high standards. Buy Golden Weapons Obtaining Service by CakeBoost today and soon you will be able to enjoy an unusual weapons that not only looks cool, but also displays your status. CakeBoost offers you to join the numerous ranks of OW players who have already appreciated all the advantages of working with a boosting company that has extensive experience and a solid reputation, and also values each client. Choosing CakeBoost, you choose the best.

If you are ready to place an order or have any questions, please contact our managers via Skype or LiveChat.

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