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BFA Island Expeditions

BFA Island Expeditions boost service includes:

Buy BFA Island Expeditions boost, get BFA Island Expeditions clear (Normal/Heroic/Mythic/PVP mode), Piloted/Selfplayed format. Discount Code 7% OFF - SWEETCAKE.

  • BFA Island Expeditions clear (Normal/Heroic/Mythic/PVP mode);
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ETA: 1-2h.

What is the Island Expedition?

In the new massive expansion of the World of Warcraft, “BATTLE FOR AZEROT”, the developers have not forgotten to bring a new type of content to surprise the inhabitants of the game world once again. This time, the novelty took the form of a new adventure for three people: you will have to go to uncharted island, where you have to fight with the enemy time after time to establish control over a rare and valuable resource - Azerite. You can fight with a computer or with live gamers. The adventure will be available on 4 classic difficulty levels, which distinguish the strength of the enemy and the amount of resources that need to be collected. You can choose from four difficulty levels:  Normal, Heroic, Mythical and PvP (it is possible to test alone or in a team of three warriors of your faction). You can collect Azerite in four ways, and you can choose the one that suits you. For example, you can fight for this valuable resource with an enemy faction, or you can search for chests stuffed with Azerite. Of course, you can go to the islands alone if you are daring enough, but it is better to enlist the support of the allies. Azerite is a rare resource, so there will be a serious fight for it.

What is the profit of ordering the Island Expeditions Boost Service?

If you want your hero to successfully participate in the development of new lands, you can use a specially created service from our Cakeboost team. However, please note that this service is available only if you provide us access to your account. Do not worry, you are in good hands: your hero will fall into the hands of our experienced Cakeboost specialist.

How Does It All Work?

In this new game format, Alliance and Horde warriors will try to conquer 6000 Azerite pieces. At the very beginning, fractions arrive to the islands on their fraction's fleet. There they find out about the technology developed by Gnomes and Goblins. Using it, you will track the location of nearby azerite deposits on the map. You also get some Azerite for killing mobs on the island. There are also Azerite pieces spread all across the island. But you have to remember that your enemies can gain control over it while you try to keep the island creatures away, so be alert!

Not all enemies are the same, here on the islands you have a chance to meet Rare Elite monsters that are significantly harder to kill, but the reward is much more Azurite pieces. You also earn Azerite for killing warriors of the opposite fraction, and the longer they were on the island by this moment, the higher your reward is. There are also many exclusive items spread all across the territory and many things there are interactive, such as shovel for mining of a key to the trap with friendly NPC.

After first 10 minutes of the adventure are behind, the technology that is given in the beginning transforms and now you can also see every mob on the map. Elemental storms and portal has also changed a bit: now elemental storms generate more Azerite, but more powerful monsters, too. If you gain control over the portal, you will find out where the Elemental Boss is hiding. If you take him down, you will get more Azerite pieces or two rich Azerite chests if you’re lucky.


  • Аctive World of Warcraft account with latest expansion (Battle for Azeroth);
  • Level 120 character.
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