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Kul Tiran Human Allied Race (Unlock)

Kul Tiran Human Allied Race service includes:

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The Kul'Tiran Human is a new allied race that you can unlock during the last expansion of World of Warcraft, “Battle for Azeroth” (Patch 8.1.5). Below you will find information on how to access this new race, available classes, unique abilities, ways to get Mounts and Heritage Armor. We will also tell about the history and distinctive features of this race.


* Druid*: Tank / Healer / DPS (Ranged/Melee Leather)

* Hunter: DPS (Ranged/Melee Mail)

* Mage: (Ranged)

* Monk: Tank / Healer / DPS (Melee Leather)

* Priest: Healer / DPS (Ranged Cloth)

* Rogue: DPS (Melee Leather)

* Shaman: Healer / DPS (Ranged/Melee Mail)

* Warrior: Tank / DPS(Melee Plate)

*Members of this allied race can be druids, drawing their magical energy from the forests. Druids of Kul Tiran are descendants of the aboriginal continent, the Drusts, who lived in the forests of Drustvar even before humans arrived on these lands and began to master them. Ulfar, the last representative of the Drust Thornspeakers, teaches those representatives of the sea people who want to join the secrets of the ancients. Unlike the followers of Gorak Tul who devote themselves to the study of black magic, The Thornspeakers, once separated from the main tribe of Drusts, believe that life and death are just equal elements in the infinite circulation of life.

While traveling through Drustvar, players will face the destructive power of the black magic of Gorak Tul, which terrorizes the inhabitants of this forest region. You have to deal with both ordinary soldiers and the leaders of these dark forces, and in the end fight the main leader of the dark forces, Lady Waycrest herself, in one of the dungeons.

RACIAL TRAITS Below you can see the list of The Kul'Tiran Human Racial Traits and a brief description of their functions:

* Haymaker (Active): the accumulated power falls on your enemy, inflicting 20 Physical Damage, makes it impossible for him to move for 3 seconds, after which he jerks back. (Cooldown: 2,5 min)

* Brush It Off (Passive): Versatility increased by 1%; 2% of taken damage is healed (takes 4 sec).

* Child of the Sea (Passive): allows representatives of the race to hold their breath under water 2 times longer. Also, representatives of this race swim 10% faster.

* Jack of All Trades (Passive): Tradeskills increased by 5.

* Rime of the Ancient Mariner (Passive): Frost / Nature damage taken decreased by 1%.


Kul Tiran Charger: the maritime Empire seeks to dominate both sea and land: on the territory of both seas, the waters are patrolled by an excellent fleet, which is the pride of the sea people. Land is guarded by powerful cavalry. You will receive their racial Mount as a reward for performing the Kul Tiran recruitment scenario and feel that you have truly been accepted into their ranks!


Hard times have come, and the Alliance needs a powerful ally in the fight against the Horde, which is actively seeking support from the no less great empire of the Zandalari. In order to earn the trust of the proud inhabitants (and rulers), you need to prove your loyalty by helping the islanders to deal with internal problems, as well as to defend their rights in the battle for Bolarus.As you explore the bowels of the continent, you will meet local aboriginal Druids with magic and their own culture. Several NPCs with druid names will tell you about their concern for the safety of their native forests.After that, you will participate in the reunification of Jaina Proudmoore with her mother, Catherine Proudmoore. After reunification, Jaina becomes full-fledged admiral of the Kul Tiran fleet. After the exhausting battle for Dazar’alor, the ancient capital of the trolls, which the Alliance forces under the leadership of Jaina tried to seize, the leader of the sea people presented to the Alliance a ship under the command of her brother, Tanred. This means that the forces of the Alliance have proved their loyalty and can count on the the people of Kul Tirans, that are now ready to fight shoulder to shoulder with them.

  • Аctive World of Warcraft account with latest expansion (Legion);
  • Level 120 character;
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