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Mag’har Orc Allied Race (Unlock)

Mag'har Orc Allied Race service includes:

  • We'll unlock Mag'har Orc race for you;
  • You'll get Allied Races: Mag'har Orc achievement;
  • You'll get Mag'har Direwolf mount;
  • Piloted boost (In case of piloted boost we use VPN of your city and country);


In the new expansion, players will meet new allied races. To have them on your side, you have to prove your loyalty. But first, you have to walk a long road to even meet them for the first time, and that won’t be easy. This race is strong, furious, unstoppable. This is the ally you need. They came out of the world full of blood and violence so they don’t fear anyone. They have a complicated history and now are vulnerable and searching for help. This service is created to let you know them right away. There are 8 classes available for this race: Warrior, Healer, Rogue, Hunter, Priest, Mage, Monk, Shaman. We will use the VPN of your city and country for the maximum safety of your World of Warcraft account.

Evolving process

Ordering the improvement of the Maghar Orc from CakeBoost team, you get rid of monotonous work, leading the main goal of the player - improving the characteristics of your character. However, if you ignore this part of the game, you won’t be able to fully realize your potential and get the most possible benefit. Don’t pass by. What do you have to do? Perform quests, equip gardens, protect friendly settlements from angry murlocs, sometimes navigate to dungeons. Thus, you gain levels or access to the next class. The forthcoming great battle motivates you to become the best version of yourself. CakeBoost team is happy to be your guide on this journey.

What’s the purpose?

The Horde and the Alliance clashed in a battle in order to gain control over the Azeroth’s frozen blood - particularly valuable unique resource, which power is immeasurable. It is also necessary to create weapon that is unrivaled. Also, the soldiers need Azerite for empowering of the "Heart of the Azeroth".

You are expected to go on long voyages to the unknown islands to compete with the enemy for 6000 Azerite pieces. You will walk through the underground prisons. Of course, the veterans of the game are hard to impress, but the new union race will be a real discovery and help in the battle. Perhaps the new character will please you so much that you do not want to part with it ... The CakeBoost team reveals the secrets. Visit our website to order Maghar orc boost service.

Character’s skills and abilities

In the draenor, based on war and violence, time goes differently than in ours: while the heroes defended Azeroth from the invasion of the Burning Legion, here in this world 30 long years have passed! Draenei decided to plant their religion among the orcs, which led to a bloody battle. Heroes of the horde are ready to lend a helping hand to help Maghar orcs and restore justice. But what can they offer you in return?

The new allied race consists of three sub-races, each of which has external distinctive features.
Maghars have abilities that you have not met before. Their pets are much stronger and more cunning than any that you have met. Turning to the spirits of ancestors, orcs can improve the random secondary characteristic during combat. Outdoor, no one can keep up with them, as they rush faster than the wind on their vehicles. To access these creatures, you have overcome a difficult path. However, you can provide it to us. Our CakeBoost team will help you to meet Maghar orcs as soon as possible and boost your new character as soon as possible.

Unlock requirements:

“BFA” expansion purchased; Exalted relationship level with The Honorbound (you can earn it following the Honorbound World Questsline or Emissary on Kul Tiras continent); Horde War Campaign completion (usually takes a few hours); Special recruitment scenario completion.

After you fulfill all requirements, you are free to create your first Mag'har Orc.

Fraction: Horde

Classes: Warrior / Healer / Rogue / Hunter / Priest / Mage / Monk / Shaman

Race Skills and Passive Abilities: Ancestral Call / Sympathetic Vigor / Savage Blood / Open Skies


 For boosting your new character up to 120 lvl not using boosts you will get the Feat of Strength and the Heritage Armor set. Only this race can transmog it. Each clan have their own unique armor set outfits.


  • Аctive World of Warcraft account with latest expansion (Legion);
  • Level 120 character.
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Got Direwolf mount. Thank you!!

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Good service

bought MAG'har Orc Allied Race (Unlock). Was very pleased. You are the best!!!

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Thank you for boosting my account.

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quality service

The highest quality service for boosting account

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Thanks for unlocking MAG'har Orc race

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I have had so much benefit boosting with you! Wish your boost shop good luck and new customers!

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I am very much obliged to you. Amazing boosting and boost shop.

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I really appreciate all the hard work you’ve done. I will happy to visit your boost shop again!

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Talented boosters

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me. Cool race and lovely boost shop!

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