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Buy Maraudon Run Boost WoW Classic Vanilla Carry

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Buy Maraudon Run Boost WoW Classic Vanilla Carry service includes:

  • You will get Maraudon Run;
  • Minimum Level: 30;
  • Advised Level: 45-55

There are 9 bosses in this dungeon:

Purple Side (Wicked Grotto):

  • Tinkerer Gizlock
  • Lord Vyletongue

Orange Side (Foulspore Cavern):

  • Noxxion
  • Razorlash

Poison Falls (after Purple/Orange):

  • Meshlok the Harvester (Rare)
  • Celebras the Cursed

Earth Song Falls:

  • Landslide
  • Rotgrip
  • Princess Theradras


Buy Maraudon (Mara) Run Boost Service by CakeBoost. In order not to waste your time on routine Dungeon runs, we suggest you entrust it to professionals whose work quality is guaranteed. CakeBoost offers the most advantageous conditions for the WoW Classic Dungeons Runs. Don’t miss the best deal!

Maraudon - WoW Classic dungeon. Here, in the middle of the Wasteland, Zaetar, the son of the half god Cenarius, found his last refuge. According to legend, he and the earth elemental princess Theradras were the founders of the centaur race. The first born centaur killed his father instantly after he was born. It is believed that Theradras did this on purpose. A majestic church was erected on the site of the Zaetar’s tomb. The underground tunnels of this Dungeon are teeming with various creatures and signs of the long-dead centaurs and elemental beasts. This tomb, like the catacombs below it, is guarded by the malicious Maraudine centaur.

CakeBoost offers you to buy the Maraudon Run Boost Service at the lowest price on the market. A team of professional boosters will go through the entire Dungeon and successfully eliminate all the bosses. You will receive various items, gold and much more. An integrated approach to security, rapid achievement of results, 100% guarantee. Save your time and energy and entrust professionals to manage routine work for you. Check out other WoW Vanilla Dungeons Run Services by CakeBoost. If you are ready to order the Mara Run Boost Service, contact our managers via Skype or LiveChat. Use promocode "SWEETCAKE" to get a 7% discount.

  • Аctive World of Warcraft account with latest expansion (Battle for Azeroth)
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