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Buy War Campaign

Buy War Campaign service includes: 

  • We will complete full War Campaign for you;
  • Ready for War / Ready for War achievements depend on your faction;
  • All 3 Zandalar / Kul Tiras zones access for Alliance / Horde character respectively;
  • Island Expeditions unlock;
  • World Quests access;
  • Warfront access and one Warfront victory;
  • Last Mythic Dungeons access: Siege of Boralus for Horde and King's Rest for Alliance;
  • Honorbound / 7th Legion reputation boosted to Revered;
  • Piloted boost (In case of piloted boost we use VPN of your city and country);

What is War Campaign? 

The new large-scale expansion of the “BATTLE FOR AZEROT” will continue to cover the development of a new phase of confrontation between the factions. Now each of them seeks to establish control over a rare resource - Azerite. To become a winner, you must trespass your opponent on the battlefield. You have to wage war on all the rules of developing military conflicts: to establish control over resources and strategically important points, to strengthen your defensive positions, to develop infrastructure and much more. You have to open unexplored territories, compete for the location of new allies, recruit the best of the best in the ranks of your army and equip them with the best of what can be found in the game spaces. Only such a difficult and glorious path will lead you to victory.

Why do I have to participate in the War Campaign?

Participation in this type of game content will give you access to special locations and assignments: 3 zones for each faction, two dungeons and more. Of course, no one forces you to take part in the War Campaign, but just think about all the prospects it can expose to you.

Participation in the War Campaign will give your hero a boost of all his characteristics and abilities. You will become a proud owner of power you couldn’t even dream about, and the game will open for you from the brand new side. You will be amazed with the experience gained, as well as the quality of the equipment that you will find in the process. You will also get a large amount of Azerite.

How do I take part in the War Campaign?

In order to participate in the War Campaign, you must complete several quests and meet several more requirements. The War Campaign opens up new opportunities for you, but nothing is given in vain, and you will have to try hard to realize your potential to the maximum. The World of Warcraft game system is so complex that sometimes it is not easy to understand at first sight. Trust those who are familiar with the game better than anyone: trust our CakeBoost team professionals, and just watch how the magic happens. You will get experience, Azerite, new awards and much more. Do not waste time and start your journey today.

  • Аctive World of Warcraft account with latest expansion (Battle for Azeroth);
  • Level 120 character;
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 6 reviews
by Karter on Cakeboost.com

Exellent boost shop. Thank you for you did for me. !

by Prons on Cakeboost.com

Fantastic boosting and epic deal. Love you guys really the best!

by Samley on Cakeboost.com
Love it

Totally boosting for my mage. High speed low price. Good luck and thanks for you!

by Ash on Cakeboost.com

Thank you for war campaign boosting. It was fast. Recommended!

by Steave on Cakeboost.com

Thank you so much! Love this prestige. Wow daily results!

by Monno on Cakeboost.com

Guys, you make my death knight stronger and now i satisfied.

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