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Heroic Warfront wins Heroic Warfront wins:
7€ - 7$ per 1 win
Normal Warfront wins Normal Warfront wins:
4€ - 4$ per 1 win

Buy Warfront Victory service includes: 

  • Warfront victory;
  • You'll get   War is Hell War is Hell achievement depending on your faction
  • Access to outdoor content in the Warfront area like World Bosses and Rare Spawns. (These will drop you mounts, pets, toys and gear).
  • You will get a 340 ilvl item and 750  Azerite to increase the power of your  Heart of Azeroth for each win gained in Warfronts;
  • 500 faction reputation points;
  • Piloted boost (In case of piloted boost we use VPN of your city and country).

Buy Warfront Victory Boost Service

The new large-scale expansion of the “BATTLE FOR AZEROT” will continue to cover the development of a new phase of confrontation between the factions. Now each of them seeks to establish control over a rare resource - Azerite. To become a winner, you must trespass your opponent on the battlefield. You have to wage war on all the rules of developing military conflicts: to establish control over resources and strategically important points, to strengthen your defensive positions, to develop infrastructure and much more. You have to open unexplored territories, compete for the location of new allies, recruit the best of the best in the ranks of your army and equip them with the best of what can be found in the game spaces. Only such a difficult and glorious path will lead you to victory.

What is the order of my actions?

  • Arrange the camp;
  • Conquer nearby locations; keep the control over them
  • Once you have enough recourses, expand your infrastructure – built new buildings; each player decides the type of the desired improvement himself!
  • Hire your army and fight the enemy. Your goal is to capture the enemy’s Commander;
  • During the fight, be prepared for unforeseen events that are randomly generated by the game (like appearing of goblin merchants).

That provides you new opportunities and possibilities and reveal new activities for your fraction over the controlled area.
Warfront is a new gaming format for 20 gamers imitating full-scale military operations. Players will have to show strategic and tactical talent, develop their own infrastructure and fight for the most important territories. Also, you will have to make great efforts not to lose control over them. This format is inspired by RTS known to many gamers by Warcraft III. Try the role of the lieutenant heading the detachment. You are responsible for developing new territories, improving your own, forces distribution, resources accumulation... However, don’t think that all your activities will be reduced to managing subordinates - you will fight along with them, shoulder to shoulder, on the front line.


Going through the Warfront evolving, you will have an opportunity to get new gear, ounts, pets and other useful items. It will come from Arathi Highlandsas long as the territory it belongs to is under your control. Enemies will try their best to push you back, so be ready. Control the Warfront and get all the bonuses (Swift Albino Raptor available (Alliance) / Broken Highland Mustang (Horde)).

How do we execute the Warfront Victory Boost Service for you and what is the profit?

Our CakeBoost professionals are ready to remove this heavy burden of responsibility from your shoulders. Trust us, and we guarantee the rapid successful completion of the military campaign. Please note that this Boost Service is available only if you provide access to the account. Do not worry, you are in good hands: your hero will fall into the hands of our experienced specialist.

  • Аctive World of Warcraft account with latest expansion (Battle for Azeroth);
  • Level 120 character;
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