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Buy Queen Azshara Mythic Kill

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Queen Azshara Mythic Kill service includes 🔥:

  • You will get Queen Azshara Mythic kill;
  • Tons of Azerite to increase the power of your Heart of Azeroth;
  • Run will be done in 20-25 people (Personal loot);
  • Choose: Selfplay or Piloted (In case of piloted boost we use VPN of your city and country).


The new raid, Azshara’s Eternal Palace, opens its doors to gamers. This is the fourth raid of the expansion of “Battle for Azeroth”. This time, gamers will have to prevent the ancient Queen Azshara, who many thousands of years ago made a dark deal with N’Zoth, from seizing Azeroth.

Your squad will go to her huge Palace, where on the way to Queen Azshara you will have to fight with 7 of her loyal subjects, who are very strong, cunning and different from each other. If you manage to beat them, you will finally meet the final Boss: Queen Azshara herself.

The fight will be long: the gamers will have to survive 3 stages of the battle with two intermissions. The combat mechanics will change, so gamers will have to reorient quickly. Even if you have a strong team of experienced allies, you are not insured from a tragic accident that will nullify all the progress that your team has achieved.

In order not to risk in vain and not to waste time and energy without a real result, buy the Queen Azshara Mythic Kill Boost service, with which you won’t have to worry about the result.

Our team has extensive experience in providing WoW Boost Services worldwide. We use only high-quality equipment, individually select an executor for each order and take all the wishes of our customers into account. With CakeBoost, you get exactly the result you need - quickly and at a low price! We guarantee 100% results!


· The victory over the final Boss of Azshara’s Eternal Palace, Queen Azshara, on the “MYTHIC” difficulty level;

· Useful items (445-460 iLvl);

· Game currency, gold;

· Unforgettable experience.


SELFPLAY: you will manage your character, who will be involved in the murder of Queen Azshara in the ranks of our team of specialists. Suitable for those who want to get a new gaming experience and participate in the adventure personally.

PILOTED: access to your account is transferred to one of our specialists, which is selected individually; He controls your character in the ranks of our team of specialists. Suitable for those who want to get a great result without wasting time.

  • Аctive World of Warcraft account with latest expansion (Battle for Azeroth);
  • Level 120 character.
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