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 7 reviews


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Character boost 1-100 (Handmade)Character boost 1-100 (Handmade):
€ 45
Character boost 100-110 (Handmade)Character boost 100-110 (Handmade):
€ 20
€ 25
€ 17
Select the additional optionSelect the additional option:
€ 34
€ 69
€ 35

Powerleveling  service includes:

  • PowerLeveling your character 1-110;
  • Tons of  Order Resourses, artifact power based on your  Artifact knowledge and gold;
  • Piloted boost (We guarantee the safety of your account using VPN of your city and country).

Ordering this service you get your character boosted up to 110 lvl so you can start exploring the new expansion much sooner (in 8-24h, 8-12h or 72 h).

While evolving your character we will get you artifact weapon (and also evolve it up to 9-11 lvl). You will get access to new locations and unlock high-leveled quests in Suramar zone available. But that’s not all: our professionals will improve your profession up to 800 and complete all the pro-questlines. New locations will be opened and new quests in high-level zone of Suramar will get availible. We also can boost your professions to 800 and complete all the profession questlines, such as achieving third artifact's relic slot, crafting 810+level equipment so you can access random or full heroic gear of 825+ level skipping the farming.

Buying Powerleveling 100 – 110 from us, you are guaranteed to get:

100 to 110 level boost done rapidly; One Artifact weapon for your specialization; Enough Artifact power points to gain 9-11 artifact trait (level); Suramar zone access for 110+ level characters only (Ancient Mana, Blood of Sargeras, etc.) The perfect result is a consequence of our hard work, and not third-party soft or bots. We value our customer’s account security high. We will use VPN so you won’t get any unwanted attention. If you order the Rapid option as well, your order will have high priority and will be executed within 24 hours after the Legion release. If you decide to get the Norman option, your order will have normal priority and will be executed within 48 hours since the release of the Legion. We will also boost your additional characters (12 hours per character).
  • Аctive World of Warcraft account with latest expansion (Legion).
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Average rating:  
 7 reviews
by Jamescameron on cakeboost.com
Thank you very much guys

Purchased a 100-110 boost, really fast service, great communication, helped me when my skype stopped working!Will be back for some raid boosts soon,

by Remindz on cakeboost.com
Very fast

Just ordered a 94-110 done within 12hours, perfectThank you !

by jamescameron on cakeboost.com
really fast service

Purchased a 100-110 boost, really fast service, great communication, helped me when my skype stopped working!Will be back for some raid boosts soon,Thank you very much guys A+++

by stealthpyro on cakeboost.com
Best service!

Got me from 100-110 fast! Best service!

by Manifist on cakeboost.com
Good service

Chat person is very thorough, very clear, very friendly, and eager to help. They made me feel extremely comfortable.

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