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Buy Gladiator Title

Our Business is based on principles of openness, transparency, honesty and mutual trust. We realize how valuable the accounts of our customers are, therefore, despite the fact that such an opportunity is unlikely, we consider it our duty to honestly report about the existing risk of the account ban when providing Arena services in the "Account Share" format. However, not every client has enough time and effort for the "Selfplay" format, so our experts strongly recommend to create a separate account specifically for receiving the ordered service and transfer the character there. Then you are 100% guaranteed that your main account is safe from the ban when implementing services in the "Account Share" format.

WoW Gladiator boost service includes:

Buy Selfplay arena rating to 2000/2200/2400/ Gladiator boost

Our workers, multiple gladiators of the past seasons, will be happy to help you in obtaining the “Gladiator” or “Dread Gladiator: Battle for Azeroth Season 1” title. You have an opportunity to order selfplay service (before this, contact our managers to clarify the availability of the service at the moment). You will not only have an opportunity to feel yourself a part of the higher league, but also gain invaluable combat experience.

Please note that these titles are only available when playing in 3×3 brackets format. The “Gladiator” or “Dread Gladiator: Battle for Azeroth Season 1” title represents a colossal level of playing skill, and only the presence of a player of this level on the battlefield will make enemies tremble with fear! After you get this exclusive title, any high-ranking team will dream to make you a part of it, while you will sharpen your skills and become stronger with every fight.

We can offer several Gladiator service packages to choose from:


The “Gladiator” title (2400 rating)

Elite Gladiator mount

An opportunity to get an exclusive selfplay service (contact our managers to clarify the availability of the service at the moment)

Attention! The Gladiator title is awarded for one season only. The mount remains

Dread Gladiator: Battle for Azeroth Season 1:

The “Dread Gladiator: Battle for Azeroth Season 1” title (2400 rating).

Exclusive Gladiator mount

The “Dread Gladiator: Battle for Azeroth Season 1” title and the unique mount is permanent and will never disappear.

The Gladiator rating:

The required amount of rating points, which will lead you to the top of the regional rank

An opportunity to get an exclusive selfplay service (contact our managers to clarify the availability of the service at the moment)

Ordering the Gladiator or Dread Gladiator title obtaining service from us, you will get guaranteed rewards.

Terms of accomplishment:

Our service cooperates with the best gladiators of past seasons, which allows us to quickly execute orders of our customers (when selfplay is ordered).

We appreciate our customers' time and the security of their accounts, so we never use third-party programs or bots.

You won't need to transfer your character because we use Battle.net.

Your order can be executed in parts.


  • Аctive World of Warcraft account with latest expansion (Battle for Azeroth);
  • Level 120 character.
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 8 reviews
by Ted on cakeboost.com

Thank you so very much for your manipulations. Bravo! Thank you for results i saw.

by Viola on cakeboost.com
Grow up

Thank you for the nice job! I feel i grow up with you. Love your boosting!

by Kora on cakeboost.com

The results are truly magnificent! Thanks a lot. You are the best!

by Sara on cakeboost.com
Will buy again

I owe you one. It was a superboosting. I will buy it second time.

by Gina on cakeboost.com

I really appreciate your professional boosting! Thanks! It`s cool!

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