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Heart of Azeroth Leveling  includes:

Buy Heart of Azeroth Leveling, get your artifact improved 1 lvl  - 80 lvl , Battlefronts/Azerite traits, Piloted format. Discount Code 7% OFF - SWEETCAKE.

During the «BFA», you can get new artifact, a Necklace. It is brought up instead of Weapons. Farm Azerite to complete the leveling. Usually you have to spend a lot of time in the game doing a hard routine work to get maximum extra Azerite at the end of the week. To take it off your shoulders, our team created the “Necklace Heart of Azeroth Boost” service for you. We will farm a lot of Azerite to get the Necklace as soon as possible.

What do I get ordering the Necklace Heart of AzerothBoost service?

  • Loot dropped along the order’s completion (in-game currency, items, gear, etc.);
  • You will obtain Heart of Azeroth;
  • Your order will get high priority and its execution will start as soon as the expansion is launched;
  • Azerite Power to Level Up to 80

Instead of the usual weapons, in a new expansion warcraft warriors will get a new powerful artifact. In order for it to gain strength and help you on a difficult journey, you must fill it with Azerite. You can collect this rare resource in many ways, but you'll have to spend a lot of time and energy. But don’t you have more important things to do?

Battlefront - a battle in which 20 players can compete with 20 players of the enemy faction. You will have to establish a base camp, seize new territories and get resources to develop and strengthen your positions. Battlefront will not always be available. Most likely, for participation in this game format you will get armor, but the developers have not yet made a final decision on this matter.

Azerite Traits

In the forthcoming expansion, there will be a brand new system that will replace the Artifact Weapon one that we’re used to. The Heart of Azeroth, a necklace that Azeroth gave to her loyal warriors, will remain with you along the whole way. In fact, it’s new exclusive Aftifact Weapon. It is empowered by Azerite and also collects the Azerite nearby without your help. As it takes in more Azerite, it becomes stronger and gains levels. Once the Heart of Azeroth reaches one of the preset levels it will reveal new properties.


  • Аctive World of Warcraft account with latest expansion (Battle for Azeroth);
  • Level 120 character;
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