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Khan service includes:

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Khan Title Boost Serivce

The Khan title and the Khan achievement is a set of achievements that can only be earned if you match an impressive list of battlegrounds game skill criteria. This achievement requires time, an accomplished team and even talent. To get this title, you must obtain:

Master of the Battle for Gilneas. Requirements: 100 Battle for Gilneas victories; 50 flags taken; 2 bases defended during single match; gain a 500 resource disadvantage during single match (+ claiming victory); 6 minute match victory; getting under the double rainbow; 2000-0 score victory; charge 2 bases during a match; recap the flag 10 times; win 10 matches controlling all 3 flags; fulfill 10 honorable kills at each base during one game.

Master of Twin Peaks. Requirements: 100 Tween Peaks victories; 50 flags returned while being a defender; 3-0 score victory + 1 or more killing blow; capture and return 9 flags during one game; kill two enemys’ flag carriers before they escape the flag building; roar while carrying a flag (being buffed with Speed + Berserking); capturing and carrying a flag 2 times; kill 100 enemys’ flag carriers; win a match in less than 7 minutes; kill 5 orcs or dwarfs during a single match; capture and carry the flag in less than 75 seconds; win a match after start losing 0-2.

Master of Temple of Kotmogu. Requirements: 100 victories in Temple of Kotmogu victories; hold an orb of power in the center of temple for 90 seconds; kill 100 enemies while holding an Ord of Power; gain 8000 victory points; hold all four Orbs of Power during a single match; hold all four Orbs of Power and kill 4 enemies also holding the Orb of Power during a single match.

Master of Isle of Conquest. Requirements: 100 wins on Isle of Conquest; controlling all the transport. Use huge seaforium bomb on enemy’s' gates 5 times during a single match; deactivate 25 huge seaforium bombs; invade the enemy's courtyard while the gates are standing; kill 10 enemies with a Glavie Thrower without dying; win a match controlling all locations; 100 players killed + 10 vehicles destroyed; kill at least one player on each location during a single match; all the types of vehicles destroyed.

Master of Silvershard Mines. Requirements: 100 wins in Silvershard Mines; capture a mine cart using 5 sets of tracks during a single match; 250 enemies killed while defending a cart; not letting the enemy to capture a mine cart; wearing berserking and restoration buffs at the same time; escorting a mine cart from its spawn to a depot and capture without losing control; capture enemy's mine cart in less than 20 yards to the depot; 5 mine carts captured during a single match without dying; 100 mine carts captured.

What do I get buying the “Khan” title obtaining service?

Guaranteed rewards – the “Khan” title and achievement;

Tabard of Conquest;

Achievements: Master of the Battle for Gilneas, Master of Twin Peaks, Master of Temple of Kotmogu, Master of Isle of Conquest, Master of Silvershard Mines, and more;

Artifact Power and Honor points.

Terms of accomplishment:

Rapid goal achieving – your order is done in 2-4 weeks after the payment has been made;

We value our clients and cherish their accounts' security, that's why our experts never use bots or any third-party software.

  • Аctive World of Warcraft account with latest expansion (Battle for Azeroth);
  • Level 120 character;

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Purchased the Khan boost. Fast service would recommend A++

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