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Buy Mythic +15 (sub) 10% discount

Mythic + 15 (weekly subscription) service includes: 
  • Mythic +15 dungeons clear every 2 or 5 weeks (With timer);
  • 915-940+ loot at the end of the dungeon (depends on keystone level);
  • Guaranteed weekly 960+ item from  Class Hall chest (mythic +15) next wednesday;

ETA - 2-5 weeks

Keystone Explanation:

What Are KeyStones? KeyStones are used for mythic+ challenge mode dungeons in Legion. You can only use one of them per week.How Do KeyStones work? Each KeyStone has their own level for each specific dungeon and they level up as you complete a dungeon. The amount of levels that a KeyStone gains depend on the time you completed the dungeon! The faster you complete it the better loot you will get at the end.How Good Can The Loot Get? It can get better than mythic raiding loot. Mythic + Challenge Modes are designed to be an alternative to raiding while still rewarding great gear.Will I be using my Keystone? No we will have our guilds use their keystone so you do not have to put yours in jeopardy for the week.
Our Mythic Plus CM Boost in US and EU is one of it’s kind as it features players from the best guilds in the world giving you the best of the services while you rush through these dungeons like no other.

How to Mythic Plus CMs with our boosters:

Before you buy a mythic plus cm carry you should learn a few things, as you will see in each one of the products that we offer you should be prepared by and follow the instructions as well as follow the lead of the boosters if you decide to do this non-piloted, if it’s piloted then you should keep your character prepared as well to ensure a very efficient carry through the dungeons.If you want to do this non-piloted then you’ll want to know how to mythic plus modes and it’s very simple really because you’ll be told in real time through voice chat most likely what to do in each situation by our top CM quickest time boosting players, so step by step you’ll learn what to do all the time in order to lessen the mistake probability and that you finish the run in record times and get the best loot available as well as the max Keystone level possible.This is for the lowest time available however we also offer the higher times with lower keystone level increments, you can find the details in our product window for the dungeons.
  • Аctive world of warcraft account with latest expansion (Legion);
  • Level 110 character.
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