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Buy Mythic TrialofValor

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 3/3 Mythic mode (Master loot) 3/3 Mythic mode (Master loot):
Trial of Valor (Mythic) service includes:
  • Full Trial of Valor (Mythic) 3/3 bosses clear;
  • Choose your loot: Personal (loot will depend entirely on your luck) or Master loot (You will receive a guaranteed loot for your specialization including socketed and titanforged items.)
  •  Mythic Odyn,  Mythic Guarm,  Mythic Helya achievements;
  • Title reward: The Chosen;
  • 885-890 ilvl gear;
  • Run will be done in 20 people Master loot;
  • We guarantee 2-6 items in different slots from the master loot run;
  • Tons of artifact power based on your  Artifact knowledge;
  • Choose: Selfplay or Piloted (In case of piloted boost we guarantee the safety of your acc by using VPN of your city and country);
  • Relics are included in loot list as default option in Master Loot mode. You will get all relics in priority that are not crossing with other customers and will be proposed to roll on crossing one among other customers;
  • Run will be done in 20 people in case Master Loot mode;
  • We guarantee minimum 2 item slots as default option in Master Loot mode and 1 item slot in case any Don’t need option is chosen, when other websites propose only items that can repeats and it counts (on our website you get all loot that means you can get 5+ items and when you get 2+ items in same spot it counts as 1 guaranteed so you can be sure that your character will be epic geared when other websites gives you 2 items where you can get 2 belts);
  • All the Relics you got are counted in minimum guaranteed amount of items, every relic in diffrent socket counts as spot (for example if you got relics in 2 sockets it will count as 2 items, if you got 2 relics in 1 socket it will count as 1 item, if you got 2 relics of same time but your class has 2 same sockets like restor shaman it will counts as 2 items);

Trial of Valor bosses:

  • Odyn
  • Guarm
  • Helya
  • Аctive world of warcraft account with latest expansion (legion)
  • Level 110 character
  • 855+ ilvl gear
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