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Mythic+ dungeons

Mythic + dungeons service includes:
The Cakeboost Team is proud to presents one of the most popular product of all times: Mythic Dungeons Boost. This feature includes both Mythic and Dungeon Mythic Boosts. As the new level of difficulty was introduced in late Warlords of Draenor, Mythic Plus (also known as M+) is a brand new difficulty level added in World of Warcraft: Legion.Mythic dungeon boost is the most popular feature for those who boost new character and want to equip him well as soon as possible. Going through these dungeons you can get 870+ level gear that can evolve to 930. Mythic dungeons is a good option to get yourself a legendary stuff. It drops off any boss.There are two ways of order execution provided: 8/10 and 10/10 mythic dungeons guidance. 8/10 includes all the regular Mythic (except the Suramar dungeons – Court of Stars + The Arcway) 10/10 includes them as well. If you want to go through just a few dungeons, the price is discussable.New difficulty level M+ was brought up recently. It allows us to increase difficulty level after successful completion of a current difficulty level by getting a special upgrade keystone. The amount of hp and enemies’ damage increases with the difficulty level (Halls of Valor enemies with +3 keystone have 17% extra damage power and HP amount).Every time after you get the 4th, 7th or 10th level keystone, your enemies will evolve and get affixes (improvements), such as buff for themselves or debuff for the gamers. When enemies get affixes, game becomes much harder, but a lot more advanced. Now there are 10 affixes available and they change every week, so you can never predict what comes next. So affixes are another reason to order Mythic WoW dungeon boost.However, the main reason for ordering the Mythic Dungeon Boost right now: the ammunition. In regular Mythic you can get 865+ gear, and you can also get 890-940 level gear in Mythic+ Dungeons and 895-960 level items from Class Hall Chest. Buying the M+ service, you’re guaranteed to get Class Hall gear.After-mythic Antorus raid will unlock:+11: 920, 940+12: 925, 945+13: 930, 950+14: 935, 955+15: 940, 960It’s clear to see that M+ is a different way to equip your character well while skipping the raids. 895+ gear specter you can get during M+ perfectly belongs to the same line as Emerald Nightmare Heroic and Karazhan. You will also get a lot of new achievements: Brokes Isles Keymaster, Keystone Challenger, Keystone Initiate, Keystone Conqueror, Keystone Master (this achievement makes amazing artifact appearances possible).
  • Аctive world of warcraft account (legion)
  • item lvl gear 825+ ;
  • We guarantee the safety of your account.
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Average rating:  
 8 reviews
by Jewfro on cakeboost.com

They completed my 15+ mythic quick. Am very satisfied and will definitely be using their services again.

by smowaled on cakeboost.com

Ordered a +15 for my fresh 780 ilvl Warlock, ordered and completed in 30 minutes from time of payment, in-time as well. Incredibly fast service, competitive prices, it's a win-win, really. Would absolutely recommend.

by Blurter on cakeboost.com
+10 mythic

bought a +10 mythic boost could not recommend more these guys are good

by HavinFun on cakeboost.com
Mythic+ 15

Purchased Mythic+ 15, Went smooth and done quickly. Highly recommend, my 2nd purchase and all has been great.

by Joshua on cakeboost.com
15 key

inquired about a 15 key completed in time with in an hour they had it done 10/10 fantastic service.

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