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BFA Mythic+ Dungeons

BFA Mythic + Dungeon service includes:

  • BFA Mythic + 10 dungeon clear;
  • Keystone InitiateKeystone ChallengerKeystone ConquerorKeystone Master achievements;
  • Guaranteed loot chest in your faction capital's weekly chest which contains epic item based on the difficulty of Mythic+ Dungeon you've completed previous week:
    Mythic+ Level Dungeon Chest (ilvl) Weekly Chest (ilvl) Azerite Armor (ilvl)
    2 375 385 370
    3 375 385 370
    4 380 360 355
    5 385 390 385
    6 385 395 385
    7 390 400 400
    8 395 400 400
    9 395 405 405
    10 400 410 415
  • Tons of Azerite to increase the power of your Heart of Azeroth;
  • Choose an option: Selfplayed or Piloted (In case of piloted boost we use VPN of your city and country);

ETA: 20-30 min - 1 mythic + dungeon.

“Battle for Azeroth” Mythic+ Dungeons Boost Service

Mythic Dungeons are a very important part of the gameplay, this is where a player can get prestigious achievements, excellent equipment, useful loot and much more, as well as test their strength in harsh conditions. The basic level of difficulty will help you gain wonderful gear sets, improve the “Heart of Azeroth” Artifact and get useful items that can be used for crafting. As you use the Key, the level of items you can get increases, however, the difficulty increases as well: enemies become smarter.
Tyrannical and Fortified affixes now appear after activating the 2+ key, and after activating the 10+ key, Infested affix is added. The appearance of this affix will significantly complicate your further advancement, however, if you manage to complete 10+ dungeons during the first cooldown raid, you can get 1-3 things 410+ iLvl from the weekly chest, so you need to make every effort to withstand this severe test! The reward will not disappoint you. To be sure of a great result, buy the appropriate service from the CakeBoost team: we will become your guides and allies in this dangerous adventure and provide a great result. We are ready to help you reach the very end during the first week!

What are Mythic+ Dungeons and why is it important?

As soon as you finish passing the next level of the dungeon at the Mythic+ complexity, you will receive instant reward: some amount of Azerite power, the amount of which depends on what level was passed, as well as one random epic item for your character (in spite of the fact that it will be selected randomly, this item will be suitable for your hero). Its level will also depend on the passed level, and this thing can be strengthened in various ways. The third piece of the reward package of the end of the dungeon you get in case the dungeon was passed before the end of the countdown.

What else do I get passing the Mythic+ Dungeons?

Keystone, received while passing through the dungeon at the level of Mythic+, guarantees you access to new adventures at this difficulty level. Becoming a part of our team, you will get a unique experience and an opportunity to observe the work of the real masters of their craft, the guru of the game.

What is the profit of ordering the Mythic+ Dungeons Boost Service?

Mythic+ is a serious test even for veterans of the game, so it's hard to go all this way alone. The CakeBoost service for passing dungeons at the level of Mythic+ is provided in two formats: becoming a part of our team, or giving us access to your account and wait until you get all the available bonuses.

Battle for Azeroth dungeons:


Players with Magic keystone have the opportunity to test their strength at the highest level of difficulty. If your team can fulfill the necessary requirements before the end of the countdown, Keystone will be hardened, allowing you to take part in the next step. Keystone can be upgraded to 3 levels at a time maximum.

The level of improvement depends on how much time is left until the end of the countdown after the successful completion of the raid. If you fail and / or don’t complete the raid before the end of the countdown, Keystone loses 1 level. The task is difficult and challenging: many areas are teeming with strong survivable creatures that are ready to trample your squad. You have to manage your character well, have good experience, be able to quickly analyze the situation, and also acquire a team of reliable companions. Let the CakeBoost team take this place!

During the stripping of the raid on the level of difficulty Mythic+, you won’t be able to change the composition of your squad. In case of failure, all members of your team will experience negative consequences. If a member of your squad is out of the game or out of the squad ranks, you must return to the exit to find a new member. Give up the idea to form a detachment of representatives of the same class with the same equipment and skills: you will have to stick to the strategy in order to use diverse forces, skills and attacks to complete the task successfully. When making up a group, bear in mind the necessity of heterogeneity of the squad: take care of the presence of characters with one-shot skills, and also ensure that several targets can be attacked at the same time. Your squad must be prepared for the most diverse dangers that await you.


* You can’t get loot for killing Mobs: all 5 squad members receive a reward with a probability of 20%. You must work together and fulfill the requirements together;

* A small chance of improving goods to the 35th level is present;

* The quality gear that you can get from the chest is in 2nd place (after the quality of Raid Trophies);

* A small number of lockouts allows to farm current mode;

* Strength, endurance (level of health), as well as the intelligence of Mobs increases with each level significantly, which makes the task much more difficult. For example, one +10 location zone is much more difficult to pass than two +5 zones;

* In order to receive a weekly reward, the squad must overcome the +1 level from the current level of difficulty. The quality of the reward depends on the best (record) indicator achieved in a week directly;

* In order to balance the gameplay and add diversity to it, the system of Affixies has been added. With proper squad formation, the risk of defeat is significantly reduced, which allows you to go to the Challenger's Cache as quickly as possible;

* Our service is available to representatives of both factions all across the globe, day and night, 7 days a week.


September 5 was a special date in the history of WoW. The second chapter of the expansion gave the heroes a chance to fight against Old Gods, and many heroes left their native lands to protect Azeroth. Thus, many villages were left defenseless, because all the warriors went to the Great War, and there was no one to ensure the safety of the unfortunate farmers, who were threatened with robberies. The local syndicates were solely concerned about their own profit, so the robbers felt free, making raids on defenseless villages everywhere, while citizens had to defend their lives and property on their own. However, the players decided to demonstrate their serious

intentions to defend the common good, so they formed battle cells on the front lines to fight lawlessness. The most effective way to form such combat cells for battle with the Legion was a squad of 5 players, in which roles are strictly distributed:

* TANK - redirects the main enemy aggression to himself; thus this hardy player minimizes the damage directed on weaker players from enemy attacks. This player is the first to take the brunt of himself, as his vitality and endurance increase his chances of survival. The best classes for this role are: monk, paladin, warrior, death knight, druid, demon hunter. Regardless of class, Stamina should be strong.

* HEALER – a necessary character who heals and supports his allies to save them from death. Is the least protected member of the squad, so you need to ensure that the Healer does not suffer fatal damage. The main resource of the character who assumes this role should be Mana for successfully casting a large number of healing spells. The number of Mana is in direct proportion to the level of the character (max. 110,000 points at 120th level).

* DAMAGE DEALERS (DD) – these characters are the attacking force of the squad: while the Tank takes the brunt and the Healer supports the allies, prev

  • Аctive World of Warcraft account with latest expansion (Battle for Azeroth);
  • Level 120 character;
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Many thanks to the boost shop. It was great. Got good loot!

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