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COS Heroic Boost (Crucible of Storms Loot Run) [PREORDER]

Service will be started right after raid is released

Buy Crucible of Storms (CoS) Heroic Loot Run service includes:

  • 2/2 Crucible of Storms Heroic difficulty boss kills;


  • 1 Feats of Strength achievement: AHEAD OF THE CURVE: UU'NAT, HARBINGER OF THE VOID

  • Gear up to 430 + item level exactly of your Specialization (If one of the booster get loot they can write it in the raidchat and you can roll for this item. This service is on a voluntary basis of the booster and therefore there's no 100% guarantee);
  • Tons of Azerite to increase the power of your Heart of Azeroth;
  • Run will be done in 20-25 people (Personal loot);
  • Choose: Selfplay or Piloted (In case of piloted boost we use VPN of your city and country).


There is not much time left before the new, third raid of the “Battle for Azeroth”, called Crucible of Storms, will be available for exploring! Heroes will go to ancient dungeons, immersed in the darkness of oblivion under the ruins of Shrine of Storms. There you have to get acquainted with the dark and mysterious history of the Ancient Gods. You will come close to the clues of ancient secrets that have been handed down from generation to generation as legends, and you will feel as if the sinister N'Zoth is very close...

We at CakeBoost team know that any new raid is a real gift for fans of the game, and everyone wants to get all the bonuses and equipment that the dungeon can offer as quickly as possible. We are ready to become your guides or companions through the tangled dark labyrinth of Crucible of Storms, so that you can get everything you want as soon as possible and put another tick on your character’s development path.

Gamers can try their luck weekly. On Heroic, you can get 400+ iLvl (can be upgraded to 430). Buy the Crucible of Storms Heroic Run from the CakeBoost team now and get great results as soon as the dungeon becomes open to the public! Making a pre-order, you are guaranteed to fall into the number of the very first discoverers of ancient secrets. Once you become one of the first to overcome a new dungeon on Heroic difficulty, respect for others is guaranteed!


During the passage of this raid you expect 2 difficult battles with 2 Bosses, followers of N'Zoth. The battle with each of them will be a real test, even for strong squads. Below we will share the information that is available at the moment.


These creatures were invoked from the dark cold depths. They are obliged to serve N'Zoth for ages and powerless before his will. These two Bosses complement each other: Zaxasj attacks heroes from afar, using spells, while Fa'thuul pounces on the heroes, crushing them with his physical power.


Fa'thuul the Feared inflicts powerful melee attacks on gamers, while Zaxasj the Speaker covers him from afar with spells. Both Bosses use Relics of Power support. As soon as one from the tandem loses 25% HP, the nearest Relic enables and unleashes all its power to the squad, causing magic damage. Activating this item triggers Eldritch Revelation / Visage from Beyond.


The forerunner of the coming of his dark master, N'Zoth, Uu'nat, once the most devoted follower of Queen Azshara, is ready to fight with anyone who has broken the peace of ancient dungeons and is looking to meet with dark secrets of the Ancient Gods.


The fight with the Boss occurs in three phases. Uu'nat has the gift of his dark master, which he can successfully use in the battle with the gamers. In order to survive in a harsh battle with this powerful rival, the squad must possess all three Relics of Power and use their reinforcement. The Boss will try to confuse and disorient the gamers by resorting to a tricky maneuver - calling the many eyes of N'Zoth. During the second phase, the Boss will support the troops of the minions of the Ancient God, who will try to crush your team with quantity. When you repel this massive attack, the weakening Boss will use the power of the N'Zoth gaze in order to suppress the will of the enemies and deprive them of their last strength. This opponent is very strong, so try your best and be alert!


«Selfplay»: this format is suitable for those who want to see everything with their own eyes and participate in the battle. Choosing this format, you will personally participate in a fight in the ranks of a strong squad of professionals and witness a spectacular victory. You will not only get a new unique gaming experience, but also enjoy watching the spectacular, elegant and deadly gaming masterpiece by true gurus of their work.

“Piloted”: a high-qualified specialist, selected for the execution of your concrete order specially, gets access to your account. Under his leadership, your character explores the dungeon in the ranks of a strong professional squad of experienced veterans of the game. Just lean back and watch the process evolve: soon you will enjoy a decent reward for outstanding performance of a difficult task. CakeBoost is paying close attention to the security of our customers’ account, so we will use your country's VPN to avoid unwanted attention. Our managers will inform you about additional and alternative security measures. You are in safe caring hands!

Regardless of the chosen format, you will receive a high level of performance and impeccable results in the shortest possible time. Buy Crucible of Storms Heroic Run, enjoy all the benefits of CakeBoost yourself and become a part of our family. Join us today to make a step to the better tomorrow!

Why choose us? CakeBoost team treasures every customer. Our policy is based on absolute transparency, powerful feedback and the closest attention to your needs. Our services are designed so that you get the best result at an affordable price and as soon as possible. Our managers are ready to answer all your questions. Our experts, who will fulfill your order, are selected specifically for each client. Each of them is an excellent gamer with enormous experience and theoretical knowledge of the game. Orders are carried out on high-quality equipment, which eliminates the risk of technical errors completely. Trust us and experience all the benefits of a personal approach. The most important thing for us is your satisfaction. Ensure the impressive efficiency of our work and become our friend for a long time. We are always happy to help you taking a step towards new horizons! Choosing CakeBoost, you choose reliability, quality, and result. We ARE the best, and we are ready to prove it!

  • Аctive World of Warcraft account with latest expansion (Battle for Azeroth);
  • Level 120 character;
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