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Vicious Black Bonesteed

Vicious Black Bonesteed service includes:

Buy Vicious Black Bonesteed (Horde), get Vicious Black Bonesteed mount (requires 100 wins above 1400 rating), quaranteed weekly contest cap gear + chance to get 380+ iLvl item for each win; Selfplay/Piloted format. Discount Code 7% OFF - SWEETCAKE.

  • You will get Vicious Black Bonesteed for 100 wins above 1400 rating on Horde;
  • Mercilessly Dedicated achievement;
  • Chance to get 380+ item each win and guaranteed gear for weekly conquest cap based on your highest rating from last week;
  • Choose an option: Selfplayed or Piloted (In case of piloted boost we use VPN of your city and country).


As in real life we would like to see ourselves driving a prestigious car that can instantly rush us off the horizon, so in the game we aim to acquire an unusual, rare, beautiful mount that will not only facilitate traveling across the expanses of the game world and brighten our loneliness up, but will also delight the

eye and set us apart from the crowd. The most desirable mounts had always been ones that able to give us the happiness of flight. However, many rare mounts require incredible effort to conquer them. Not everyone has the power to fulfill all the conditions, but sometimes you want something so badly!

CakeBoost team is ready to become your secret weapon in the fight for one of the most prestigious and rare mounts: Vicious Black Warsaber or Vicious Black Bonesteed.

In the latest large-scale game expansion, “Battle for Azeroth”, you have to score 1400+ Rating in 2 or 3 bracket, which becomes an almost impossible task, because for each victory you get only about 2% of the rating. It is easy to calculate that you have to spend a lot of time and effort trying to gain the necessary number of victories while fighting in the Arena and RBG. However, this task can be done by experts from the CakeBoost team. Our deep knowledge of game theory and colossal experience of battles in the Arena will minimize the time required to fulfill the conditions, so you will reach the goal much faster than if you tried to get the mount yourself. Using this service, you will not only gain the desired mount, but also receive additional bonuses and rewards: an increase in Arena rating, great PvP Gear and Conquest Points.


“Piloted”: the choice of those who don’t want to spend their time and energy and is aimed solely at achieving results. If you select this option, we will select a personal executor for you, who will be granted with access to your account. He will take over the management of your character and perform all the necessary actions professionally, consistently and accurately to achieve the impressive result rapidly. Very soon, you will become the owner of the mount of your dreams without any effort! Don’t worry about the security of your account: CakeBoost takes care of the security of our clients' accounts, so we will use your country’s VPN to avoid suspicion.

"Selfplay": the choice of those who don’t want to lose control and wants to always be aware of what is happening, watching the execution of the order himself. If you choose this option, we will select a specialist for you who will become your personal companion for the duration of the service execution. You will not only get a unique experience of cooperation with a high-class gamer, but also enjoy the pleasure of observing the work of a real professional.

Contact our managers to clarify all the details. Choosing the CakeBoost team, you choose the best on the market: reliable, efficient, well-planned services at an affordable price. Start today, and the only thing you will regret is that you haven’t contacted us before. We are here to bring you joy and happiness!

  • Аctive World of Warcraft account with latest expansion (Battle for Azeroth);
  • Level 120 character;
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by Krouley on Blank Business Name

Ordered Vicious Black Bonesteed. Qualitatively thank you!!!!

by Richard on Blank Business Name

good support and service, everything was fast and without problems!

Thank you very much, everything is fine!

Quick execution,good support,good service

Ordered Vicious Black Bonesteed. I'm just excited about the service. Best booster


I want to offer my special thanks to you for so ably acting as booster. 

by Gastelli on Blank Business Name

I would like to thank those people, who put a lot of effort to make my character stronger.

by Slay&Rick on Blank Business Name

We just want to say how grateful we are.Thank you for amazing boosting.

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