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BFA World Quests

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Buy BFA World Quests service includes:

  • You'll get World Quests cleared for your character;
  • You'll get World Quests access;
  • Piloted boost (In case of piloted boost we use VPN of your city and country);

“Battle for Azeroth” World Quests Boost Service

What is World Quests?

As part of the new addition to the game universe, players will again be given the opportunity to perform updated world tasks, that gained popularity among the inhabitants of World of Warcraft. Now there is no need to perform the same quests daily, dying of boredom. World quests are constantly changing. In addition, world quests will lead you to new places, where you will find useful items and fight unknown monsters. Finally, during the execution of world quests you can compete with any worthy rival in PVP mode, if your settings allow it.

Why World Quests are important?

Since now your success in the game world depends on the level of your reputation directly, world quests will become an important part of the life of the World of Warcraft, as they will help you to accumulate the necessary reputation points. But don't think that will be all your reward: you will also collect useful items, pieces of equipment, game currency and much more, for example, an invaluable new experience. Of course, nothing is given in vain, and world quests will require an impressive investment of your forces and time. Do not you have more interesting things to do? You certainly want to participate in PVP battles or explore dungeons ... Leave us the job that you would like to get rid of, order the “BATTLE FOR AZEROT” World Quests Boost Service. Just let us know how many world quests you would like to pass as fast as possible, and forget about it - enjoy the profit!

How do I unlock new “BATTLE FOR AZEROT” World Quests?

World quests are necessary not only for reputation and experience gaining or obtaining useful items: it is also an integral part of important game processes, for example, War Campaign. In fact, the mechanism of the impact of world quests on the gameplay will be familiar to those who got acquainted with the previous update - "Legion". The developer left the main features unchanged. Those for whom this is a novelty will be pleasantly surprised by the opportunities that the performance of world quests provides.

First you need to raise the level of your hero up to 120 (for this purpose, our team has a special Boost Service, which can be ordered on our website). Also all the main quests faction must be completed. Once this content is available for one of your heroes, the other heroes on the account get the same access automatically.

However, the first hero that unlocked world quests gets a little pleasant bonus: an incredibly useful whistle, teleporting you to the nearest fly point. This will help you to save some transportation time until the developer will provide the implementation of air transport.

Our CakeBoost team is ready not only to pass the required number of world quests, but also prepare your hero to unlock them. We can also fulfill all the available world quests for you! We're not scared with a huge amount of work. We've already done this for the players in the previous expansion - now we have become even stronger and ready to do this for you! Please contact us, ask everything you want to know about this offer, and the Watch The Magic Happen!

  • Аctive World of Warcraft account with latest expansion (Battle for Azeroth);
  • Level 120 character;
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