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In the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, in addition to the massive infusion of new game content, there is also a new opportunity to gain achievements. This function allows you to both get achievements and put them on public display, so that everyone can see who you are, where you came from and what you’ve been through. After all, it is pleasant to boast of achievements achieved with such difficulty, isn’t it?

Originally, there were 749 achievements in World of Warcraft. As now, as an additional reward one could receive various types of transport, satellites, capes and ranks. Some achievements have been changed, some are deprived of additional awards, and some have turned into The great Feats of Strength. However, it is impossible to ignore the general trend: the number of available achievements is steadily increasing, and the spectrum of their varieties is constantly expanding.


World of Warcraft has several basic types of achievements. To obtain some of them, it is enough to catch a fish from a shoal, and for owning others, you will have to ruthlessly deal with an army of players of the opposite faction of the required races or complete up to 25 daily tasks. Some achievements become available only after additional conditions are met, for example, receiving another achievement. Meta-achievements stand in a separate row, for which they have to win a whole list of achievements!

Categories Of Achievements:

General: Achievements that can be obtained by performing a variety of simple tasks, for example, a fall from a certain height, make a haircut in a barbershop or dressing on a character with 25 different coat of armor. It’s funny and easy.

Assignments: Achievements that can be obtained while performing tasks. For some of them, limited time is allotted, and for some, time is not limited, however, the entire list will not work in one day. Also it should be borne in mind that the same tasks may fall out for several days in a row.

Research: Achievements that can be obtained in the study of locations, large areas and entire continents. To obtain the basic meta-achievement, it is necessary to explore almost all existing continents and worlds!

PvP: Achievements that can be gained by showing your prowess by fighting in arenas, battlefields, or participating in world PvP events. (Lucky streak = 10 consecutive wins in rating battles, your personal rating should remain above 1800; Alterac Valley program maximum = take a cemetery by storm, defend a cemetery, take a tower by storm, defend the tower and kill the enemy on the Battlefield. During one battle Alterac Valley; Guarding the City = Kill 50 enemy characters in any of the main cities of your faction).

Dungeons and raids: Each final boss in the dungeon will give an achievement to those who killed his respective achievements, the prestige of which depends on the level of difficulty at which the dungeon was completed. Some of them need to be performed only on the heroic difficulty level of a raid or dungeon under certain conditions of a boss battle, and for some you don’t even have to kill a boss.
Professions: Achievements that can be obtained by the development of skills and improvement in various primary and secondary professions.
Reputation: Achievements that can be obtained for achieving a certain level of reputation with gaming factions.

Game events: Achievements that can be obtained during the special events on Holidays. Of course, this also requires certain conditions to be met.


Feats of Strength are a whole set of achievements that are very difficult (or even almost impossible) to win, even if you are a tough and experienced player. However, if you still manage to do this, your fame will live for centuries, legends will be added about you, and you will receive long-awaited recognition, love and respect from others.

Quest Achievements

Quest is a task, completing which you get a decent (or not-so-decent) reward. Usually quests can be obtained by talking with one of the NPC, but some appear by right-clicking or after reading a document / ad / poster, etc. In the “Quests” category there are articles on many specific tasks, however information may be outdated, therefore, it is convenient to use relevant articles on the wiki to obtain current information about the task, especially considering the convenient, structured and concise format. Currently, the universe of World of Warcraft has more than 9,500 quests!
But the original project had only 100 horde, 100 alliance and 100 neutral quests. It was so long ago!

Exploration achievements category

This category of achievements is associated with the study of territories and vast expanses on various continents of World of Warcraft. They are given to those who have researched each zone and all sub-zones, for each of which you will be awarded 10 achievement points. In order to get the corresponding Meta-achievement and +25 points, you need to explore the whole continent. This will certainly take a lot of time.


These achievements are aimed at giving you wings … More precisely, a transport that will allow you to move through the air like a bird. Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One – the first way to achieve the oldest dream of all living things. It is worth noting that such achievements are account-wide, so you can perform the required tasks, playing for different characters. Very handy!

Explore the 5 Legion questing zones (Broken Isles)

Complete all major storylines in the Broken Isles (The Loremaster, Legion)

Complete 100 different World Quests (Variety is the Spice of Life)

Complete your Class Order Campaign (A Glorious Campaign)

Earn Revered with the 6 Broken Isles factions (Broken Isles Diplomacy)


Highlord Darion Mograine wishes to sprinkle the Shadow’s Edge with blood and bring Queen Lana’thel to death, bringing her to oblivion. To complete this quest you will need at least 25 heroes who are ready to follow you. Are your weapons soaked with blood and merged with it? You must face the Queen Lana’thel’s Blood Mirror face to face, which will lead to the awakening of Shadow’s Edge. As soon as this happens, Shadow’s Edge will begin to suck the blood from the nearest living creature … And this, you guessed it, you will. After that, you will only have to trust yourself in the hands of the Queen’s Frenzied Bloodthirst and become a punishing blade that is destined to put Queen Lana’thel to death. That is your purpose, so let her screams pierce the ears of the Lich King as he awaits his fate …

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