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Battle of Dazar’alor Boost

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The developers said that, perhaps, in addition to 10 new dungeons and raid Uldir, which were presented in the new, seventh large-scale addition to the Warcraft universe, “Battle for Azeroth”, we will see other dungeons. And finally, one of them became available for testing. Players will be able to participate in the SIEGE OF BATTLE OF DAZAR’ALOR BOOST, the troll capital of the Zandalar continent, which means that we will be able to meet new opponents and look into the uncharted corners of this ancient city. Currently, there are several raid zones and new bosses available. Below, we will tell you in detail about everything that is known about the THE SIEGE OF BATTLE OF DAZAR’ALOR BOOST raid at the moment.


The raid will offer you to fight with the TWELVE powerful bosses, some of which we have already met before, and some will see for the first time. 6 bosses are common, 3 for both factions (quite the same, differ only in names, names of skills and the place where we will fight with them), 3 – representatives of the story line of the Horde faction and 3 – Alliance factions. After the heroes finish their factional plot to the end (defeat 6 bosses), they will also be able to try to crush the common and plot bosses of the enemy faction, meeting them in flashbacks.

The order of passing bosses is quite intricate and built so that, moving deeper into the raid, players would learn the history of the Alliance invasion of Battle of Dazar’alor Boost and the Horde’s attempts to defend the ancient capital, and how the Horde pursued the enemy by sea … throughout the passage of the dungeon. Representatives of enemy factions will collide with each other.

The story is quite confusing: the developers have done everything to make the raid as interesting as possible. For example, one of the plot bosses will first be crushed by the Horde faction, and the Alliance faction will meet him already resurrected, in the guise of the undead …

The exact order of the bosses so far remains a mystery, as well as information about some of them. Take a closer look at those who are already available for passage.


The Alliance and the Horde, of course, fall into the dungeon in different ways, because the Alliance is the invaders, and the Horde will defend the city.

The Alliance begins a siege from the port of Battle of Dazar’alor Boost, with the countless Alliance troops led by Lady Jaina Proudmoore, Genn Greymane and Master Mathias Shaw. They invented a deceptive maneuver that made the Horde think that the army was going to attack Nazimir. Horde forces rushed there, and the city was vulnerable … Despite the huge army that Jaina led to the walls of the ancient capital, the Alliance wants to avoid civilian casualties. The Horde, too late to see the fraud, returns after the Alliance has completed a successful deception maneuver in Nazimir. Here the Horde will meet with the resistance of the Allied race of the Alliance Dark Iron Dwarfs.


Let’s start the review with common bosses, there are six of them in total. Let’s talk about the Horde bosses who will have to be overcome at the very beginning. About the first boss nothing is known except the name: Flamefist. The second boss is King Grong. Heroes of the Horde will meet him after they overcome the ambush of the Dark Iron Dwarfs and destroy the wrecked Alliance tank near the base of the pyramid. After that, King Mekkatorque will call on King Grong. The third initial Horde boss, Frida Ironbellows, is also unknown. Let’s wait …

The details about the first two bosses with which the Alliance has to fight are also unknown so far; only their names – Ra’wani Kanae and Grimfang and Firecaller. The third boss will be Grong the Revenant – defeated by the Horde near the pyramid and resurrected by someone in the form of the undead. Who could do this? Could it be that the Loa of Death put his dirty, bony hand to it?

After the factions defeated the first three bosses, which are not particularly different from each other, the factions will have to fight three plot bosses. Many of them are already familiar to you, and you have probably dreamed of killing them and forgetting them more than once. Will it be done now and forever?

Let’s say right away that nothing is known about the Horde story bosses except their names: High Tinker Mekkatorque, Sea Blockade and, of course, Jaina Proudmoore, hated by the whole faction. Will you finally nail this infection? The battle with them will take place already when the Alliance tries to flee, in the capital’s port. But information about the plot bosses of the Alliance is already available. So, the first story boss – Treasure Guardian. Probably, the Alliance will have to fight with him first, and the Horde heroes will know about it only during the “flashback” at the very end of the raid. Going to the top of the Pyramid, the warriors will find a hidden passage, blowing deep into its depths.
Having gone down, you will find out tremendously beautiful treasury keeping piles of gold. But, of course, deep in the Treasury the Guardian is dozing, who will do everything so that you do not leave this place alive. If you succeed in defeating him, you will see that the treasury continues to go deeper and deeper, dragging you along. Here you will meet six members of Loa Council: Akunda, Kimbul, Bwomsamdi, Krag’wa, Paku, Gonk. All of them you could have met earlier. It will be a hard battle, so get ready to show everything you are capable of!
If luck has smiled on you, and the Loa Council has fallen, a new Door will open before the heroes, leading to the very heart of the Great Pyramid. Here you will see the throne of King Rastakhan. It is here that the final, main battle of the Alliance will take place, which, perhaps, will turn the tide of the whole Siege …

Each new raid is a gift for players, an opportunity to express themselves and the development of our beloved game universe. This is where the story will be decided. Be the center of events, witness the fate of Warcraft and, of course, try to influence it! Fight to the last drop of blood and believe that one day the scale will swing, and the age-old balance will be broken …

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