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Have you ever wanted to forge a deadly sword that the world has not yet seen? Boil a secret potion or tailor a magical robe? To do this, you must perfectly master one of the wide range of challenging and exciting crafts available in the universe of World of Warcraft. In this section, you will learn basic information about the professions system, as well as get tips on their development from experienced players.

The System of Crafts consists of two branches – Basic and Additional. Unfortunately, one character can master only TWO major professions, so you need to choose wisely. However, the number of available additional crafts is not limited in any way, and no one bothers you to master them at least all at once. In order to help beginners to understand the system better, we give an example. To create a magic potion, it is necessary to collect rare herbs in order to boil the potion from them. The Herbal profession is required for collecting herbs, while Alchemists are engaged in processing collected herbs into elixirs.
Additional professions such as Fishing, First Aid and Cooking will make your life easier, diversify your daily routine and allow you to immerse yourself in the life of your character, making the game process more interesting, and your character more independent.

In order to master the desired profession, you need a wise and experienced mentor. To find him, just talk to the guard in any major city, and he will show you the path, which will immediately be marked on the map. To start training you need to have at least the fifth level and reward the coach with a symbolic amount of gold for revealing and transferring the knowledge gained with great difficulty to you. After lessons and training, a new skill will appear in your skill book.

All items available for creation, same as all materials available for collection, have minimum skill level requirements. If the level of your profession is insufficient to meet the requirements of raw materials or objects, they will not be available to you. However, you can easily assess your chances of success in creating or collecting something by simply hovering over an object. The color you see tells you that:

  • Your skill level, unfortunately, is not enough (Red)
  • It is excellent, albeit risky way to practice your skills (Orange)
  • Maybe you are lucky and your skill level improves (Yellow)
  • It is unlikely that it will teach you something new (Green)
  • You have long passed this stage, so the task will not cause difficulties and will definitely not bring new knowledge (Gray)

As you increase your skill level, the indicator color on the same items/materials will drop from Red to Gray. Nevertheless, this means only one thing: you must constantly develop and conquer new heights, learn new patterns, recipes; master new steps of the chosen skill (as soon as one step is mastered, contact your trainer to go to a new Step). Recipes are available for purchase from coaches, some NPCs, and you can also find them during your long journeys across the world.

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