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Buy Coaching CS:GO
Coaching includes: Here you can get coaching in CS:GO with professional players (Global Elite); (Our boosters are not random guys! They are professional players with many years of experience who can boost you up from silver to the global elite.) Constant voice communication Ingame practice All the materials and maps that are required to practice Lessons […]
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CS:GO Coaching boost:

New to the game but you want to have proper fun and achieve great heights? Your friends are always busy and you get into a match with bad players? Cakeboost.comis the answer! Our professional booster will teach you all the nuances of the game, mechanics, strategy, how to handle clutch situations & much more. Buycoachingboost CS: GO fromusandwewillassignthebestcoachesforyou:

  • – Individualapproach. Training is conducted on an individual basis, which allows you to get the maximum resultintheshortestamountoftime. The coach will be your friend who will solve any problems and improve your level of play.
  • – A unique methodology. Cakeboost.com does not teach handling smoke grenades for $300 (unlike some famous personalities) – we do our best to develop a unique training course based on your mistakes, game problems and difficulties.
  • – Professional boosters. Coaching is carried out by top-level players with more than 5,000 game hours behind them, as well as vast experience in training, which makes it easy to find a common language & approach that will lead you to the top of gaming ranks.

Cakeboost.com recommends purchasing more than 3 hours in order to learn the basics and so that the booster doesn’t have to rush an important explaining process! After a few lessons you will see a certain improvement, and finally you will be able to climb the ladder. We believe that everyone can get to Global Elite – only some of us need more practice and advice than others.

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