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Coaching Pubg

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Coaching PUBG includes:  You will play with professional players who repeatedly earned Top 10+ rank. Solo coaching includes: (explaining all game nuances/game mechanics/analysis of your game, equipment and positioning via voice chat (skype/discord); Duo/Squad coaching (explaining how to play in the team); Information: Buying professional PUBG Coaching is a perfect way of reaching your full potential! After a couple […]
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Winning takes a long time and dedication? Not sure what is better to choose: M-416 or Kalashnikov? Confused with the difference betweenvertical and angled foregrips? Buy Coaching Pubg and Cakeboost will be your guide! Our professional booster will teach you the tactics & nuances of this game, selecting an individual approach for your unique set of skills!

Solo: Using a voice chat and Steam, the booster will monitor the game and give advice for you, and also do a little homework after the game,working on your strong and weak points together.

Duo: You can share no account data apart from your nickname (so the booster can add you) (If you choose to have the booster play on your account, you will need to provide acc login data). Our booster will teach you the team play, tactics & answer any questions about the game.

Squad: We’ll assign 3 pro boosters that will teach you the art of team play. In this mode of the game you can also play the gameby yourself, as in DUO, or let the boosters do it for you.

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