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COS Mythic Boost ( Crucible of Storms Loot Run) [PREORDER]
Service will be started right after raid is released Buy Crucible of Storms (CoS) Mythic Loot Run service includes: 2/2 Crucible of Storms Mythic difficulty boss kills; 2 Achievements: CRUCIBLE OF STORMS and HEROIC: CRUCIBLE OF STORMS 2 Feats of Strength achievement: AHEAD OF THE...
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Recently, a new raid, the “Battle of Dazar’alor” where players had to participate in the siege or defense of the ancient capital of the Trolls was announced, and just a month later, the developers announced the release of the next unique raid as part of the “Battle for Azeroth” expansion: “Crucible of Storms”, the third raid, presented as part of the expansion, which is full of references to the “Ancient Gods”, a theme that has been present in the game for a very long time, but is still wrapped in a veil of mystery. Perhaps soon something will start to clear up… This small raid is a lot like Trial of Valor, with which the characters had the opportunity to meet in the previous game add-on, Legion. In order to prevent players from spraying their attention to several raids at the same time, it was decided that the new raid (within the first major content patch for the Battle of Azeroth: “Tides of Vengeance”, which was released on December 12, 2018), will be released later.

The entrance to the new raid is on the territory of the Alliance, in the lands of Stormsong Valley. During the raid, the heroes will have to go to a place hidden deep under the Shrine of the Storm, where they will have to meet face to face with two unique powerful Bosses whose abilities have references to mystical N’Zoth. As you evolve exploring the raid, you will learn more and more information about the greatest secrets of Stormsong, to which no one has ever been able to get close, and about the history of the Ancient Gods, and possibly N’Zoth himself.

Soon there will be a new questline in the game related to Xal’atath, following which, the hero will come to the gates of the Crucible of Storms, gradually receiving scattered information, forming a still obscure picture. Probably, the beginning of this questline will be laid when the hero using the “Dagger” spell passes through the portal to find Xal on the other side and ask her for help. It is also possible that during the passage of the Crucible of Storms we will encounter Artifact weapons again. But, unfortunately, so far, information about the details of the raid is extremely scarce, even though some facts are known already.

For example, it is already known that the heroes will face two bosses. The skills of one of the Bosses, whose name is Uu’nat, Harbinger of the Void, were given to him by Azshara and N’Zoth are known too. In the description of the Boss, there is also a mention of a star prophecy, which says that Uu’nat foreshadows the coming of his Master… And this means that during the raid we will learn something new about N’Zoth and its relation to the Old Gods. The second Boss, whose name is The Restless Cabal, consists of two mobs summoned by N’Zoth from the darkest depths and doomed to serve him to the end of time. Zaxasj the Speaker will attack heroes from afar with spells, while Fa’thuul the Feared will use brute force, causing melee attacks. In battle, these monsters will be supported by three relics that enhance their power.

Even if you are a hero of the Horde and, accordingly, did not go through the Stormsong Valley questline, you will still be able to understand the essence of what is happening, because during the raid there will appear information explaining the logic of developments that will allow you to understand everything fully.

This service is available for execution in two formats. If you choose the “Piloted” format, you grant our specialists access to your account so that your character can take part in Crucible of Storms raid under the control of an experienced and high-class specialist from our team working on elite equipment. In this case, we will use your country’s VPN for account security and in order not to cause unwanted attention, thus protecting your account from ban.

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