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Leveling Overwatch

Buy Leveling Overwatch
Leveling service includes:  You’ll get 1-25 level ; Boost will be done with account sharing; The container is an award for each level of the account; No bots, cheats used during the boost. For the every second spent in a match — 4.01 XP Completion of a match — 250 XP Victory — 500 XP […]
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Overwatch Leveling boost:

Experience is one of the most important index on Overwatch. There are two ways to do it: “QUICK PLAY” or “PLAY vs. AI” mode. If you will earn any medal during the fight, you will earn some extra experience (only for the best medal earned during the match, not all of them. Even if you get three golden medals during one match, you will earn extra experience for just one).

Factors affecting the amount of total experience gained:

* 1sec in match = 4.01 XP

* Completion of a match = 250 XP

* Victory = 500 XP

* Gold medal = 150 XP

* Silver medal = 100 XP

* Bronze medal = 50 XP

* Match behind a match = 200 XP

* First victory in a day = 1500 XP

* Bonus for a team game = +20% of XP

There are 100 levels in Overwatch, but the 25th is the most important one. Once you get the 25th level, you are able to access the Rating games after you win 10 Placement Matches and get the initial rating. Every time you improve your level, you will receive Containers with four cosmetic items. Once you reach the final 100th level and get the “Promotion” and return to the 1st level. As a reward you get a new portrait frame and an opportunity to get Containers again.

What is a container?

The container is an award you get every time you achieve a new level. Containers includes four cosmetic items, which can be:

* Badges = special icons for your Game profile decoration.

* Skins = feature for changing your heroes’ coloring and appearance.

* Emotes = additional animation of your heroes to express your feelings better.

* Sprays = small images which can be applied on walls and other in-game objects on cards.

* Voice Lines = additional phrases for your hero (activated by default with a key C).

* Victory poses = the pose your hero will show at the end of the match in case of victory.

* The best moment of a match = colorful animation of your best moment of the match.

* The Credits = in-game currency to buy above-mentioned awards. You can get 50/150/500 credit

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