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Most wanted:
– Ashes of Al’ar – 4-8 weeks
– Reins of the Raven Lord – 4-8 weeks
– Invincible’s Reins – 4-8 weeks
– Mimiron’s Head – 4-8 weeks
– Smoldering Ember Wyrm – 1-2 days
– Fiery Warhorse’s Reins – 5-8 weeks
– Drake of the North Wind – 8-10 days
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When the last World of Warcraft expansion was published, the players finally obtained a right to fulfill the last few gaps in their line of Class Hall quests. One of these was a possibility to own special Class Mounts, and what’s more all your characters of the same certain class are able to have a ride. Each of the Class Mounts has got some very distinctive feature when making a move up or down. For instance, the tigers ridden by Monks understand the common language pretty easily and can actually speak. When moving, the mounts of such classes as paladins and warlocks leave a fantabulous trace behind them.

In order to get access to these mounts, players are up to perform several tasks, such as getting all of the early Class Hall quests done, earning of the Broken Isles Pathfinder status (Part Two exclusively) and carrying out of the Breaching the Tomb round, that is one of the Legionfall Campaign with the duration of 11 weeks. And only then you’ll be allowed to participate in the last tours of your class campaign, which means a unique theme ending. The main award for that is your special Class Mount.

You can actually choose between several mount colours, but there are a few options of gaining access to them: you can buy a different colour tone, paying a thousand resources for that, but in this case your Artifact Level must be upgraded to the fullest level. Or you may change your specialization within one class, so the colour change will follow. Moreover, if you are a druid, the colour of your mount will vary according to your character’s race. Those classes having only one mount can get an additional toy or a pet.

All in all, we may offer you to execute this Class Mount boost by yourself or by our means. The latter stands for the Piloted Boost, when you are to share your account with our specialist, so that he could play instead of you and perform the task. Do not be afraid of this method as we promise the highest safety level of your account. Our main interest is the game itself, so none of your characters will be at risk anyhow. Moreover, the usage of the same VPN as your home country, or even your town, has got is the best way to stay away from the unnecessary suspicion about the origin of your success.

Magic creatures (Mountsin the Battle for Azeroth

As an active follower of Battle for Azerothyou must have heard of special valuable creatures appearing randomlyCakeboost team will get you acquainted with four remarkable opportunities to get mounts which could appear in the leveling zones in BFA.

They have a note “Binds when Used“, which indicates the opportunity to propose them for sale through the auctionin case you decide to get rid of the mountsThese mounts appear from random mobskeep an eye!

Standard Purchases

If you wish to acquire a mountyou dont need anything specialjust enormous sum of moneyYou must be ready to pay 5 million golden coins to get The Mighty Caravan Brutosaurwhich iswe admitnot that cheapIt may be questionablewhether it is worth itbut when we see “cheaper” mounts likefor examplePalehideDirehornwho is much less useful. . For “only” 500 thousand gold youll acquire a veryhandsome mount without any other specific featuresIn Battle for Azerothplayers can buy them at vendors or by auctionerswhich are to be found in Zuldazar or Tiragarde SoundDoesnt matterwhich side you glorify and fight foryou will be able to buy these creatures.

Capturing mounts dropped in dungeons
There are a lot of peculiar locations in the Battle for Azeroth – caves (or dungeons). One of their secrets is a slight possibility that a mount can appear by falling out from the dungeon bossesA large number of mounts could theoretically be found hereHowevertheir appearance in a cave is considered occasional and unusualMythic difficulty looks loke an obligatory condition to catch a mount hereas only brave players managed to get themThe players also have to be ready for challengesas sometimes the mounts were acquired as a prize for victories in Challenge Modes.

List of the mountsTomb Stalker (was caught in the Kings‘ Rest and acquired as a prize after a victory in the Challenge in the same location), Underrot Crawg (locationMythic Dungeon – after falling out from a bossUnderrot – prize for completing a Challenge), Sharkbait (locationFreehold)

Expeditions to Loot – Island

One of main Battle for Azeroth expansion novelties is the time script “Expedition”. According to the “Expedition” scenariothe factions rival with each other seeking for the valuable resourcesHaving completed this taska player has an opportunity to acquire a random prize –among the potential options you can also find a mountbut they are quite rareThese scenarios offer a PvP and nonPvP modeshowever we cant say confidentlyif both PvP and PvE sets offer mountas a reward (We have not met anyone who has won it in PvEyet).

List of mounts that may drop here are Twilight Avenger (a rare dragonflightlocationGrim Batol), Surf Jelly (sea rideable mountlocationthe Great Sea), Craghorn ChasmLeaper (rideable mount with mighty horns), Squawks (a terrible perrot), and Qinsho’s Eternal Hound (redeable and very strong mount)

Random Capturing of the mounts
How can you acquire mounts mentioned hereIt implies curbing your enemies’ nonplayer caracters in various locationsFrankly speakingwe wouldnt advise you to hope for getting a mount in this way. (We have met only two such cases in BfAbut they were some specific conditions for those specific rounds).

Here is a list of the mounts that the rival NPC can give you after you curb him and certain locations where you shoud look for themLeaping Veinseeker (zoneNazmir), Goldenmane (zoneStormsong Valley), Terrified Pack Mule (zoneDrustvar), Dune Scavenger (zone: Vol’dun)

Capture – World Boss or Rare Drops

The Battle for Azeroth developers prepared for us a few NPCs who can also drop a mount. We’ll divide them into two types: completely new new BaF models that we have never seen before and previously existent mounts with revolutionary color variants. Best place you can find those mounts that were prepared by the BfA developers for the new expansion is the Arathi Highlands – the location which may

become a place of bloodies battles. Only one mount (Nazjatar Blood Serpent) was found outside the Highlands – in Stormsong Valley.

Non-Player Factions

You may also buy some new mounts that are completely new. The developers’ phantasy has helped them to add many spectacular mounts. Some factions will be happy to sell them, the only condition – the purchase is available only after you reach the Exalted. Currently there is a strict division between mounts available for the two rival sides in the Battle for Azeroth.

Those who play for the Horde can acquire almost every known mount: both usual ones and those who are very rare. Those who prefer to play for the Alliance will rest only on steeds. Positive news is an able to choose one of quite a lot of colors and get various decorations for them.

The creatures available after getting Exalten are: Smoky Charger (Exalt by the Embers’ Order), Admiralty Stallion (Exalt by Proudmoore Admiralty), Dapple Gray (Exalt by Storm’s Wake), Expedition Bloodswarmer (Exalt by Talanji’s Expedition), Alabaster Hyena (Exalt by Voldunai), Cobalt Pterrordax (Exalt by Zandalari Empire).

Racial Factions

An instrument of unlocking new mounts is recruiting factions. For recruiting one of the new rival faction (Horde or Alliance allied tribes), all faction’s mounts become available for the player. Currently there is only one mount is known to be unlocked in this way for Allaince players – Dark Iron Dwarf – a fabulous hound with one head. For the Horde players two options of the mounts caught in this way were announced by the WoW developers: an obscure Mag’har Direwo; a chic Zandalari Direhorn (that can be acquired if you recruit one of the horrible warriors pf Mag’har or Zandalari).

PvP – Arena

In order to get an arena mounts, your Arena team must win as many battles in a PlayervsPlayer competition. Special prize that is implied for the winners of PlayervsPlayer seasons is one of various versions of a terrible alligator – proto drake (original, Blue, Gold, Green Pale, Purple colors). So far there is one set of such prizes, and allegedly 7 seasons are expected.

PvP – Rated Battleground Achievement

WoW Players have an opportunity to get a vicious mount with the Vicious Saddle which is given as a prize to the players who has reached 100 victories on the Arena (3v3 mode, or 2v2 which was finally added in BfA). Another way is to gather 40 Battles with rating in one PlayervsPlayer session. Every big competition the WoW creators offer two furious mounts and thanks God they don’t remove those who already exists. So far we know four such mounts that are ready for the next release for the Battle for Azeroth: two Vicious basilisks (each for Horde and Alliance), and the second pair is clefthoof (for the Horde) and Riverbeast (for the Alliance). The question is who of them will be offered to the WoW fans first and when will it happen. According to our information, the first two beasts for Allaince and their opponents from Horde and are going to be realised accurately before the opening battle of the competition in the renewed BfA, and the second pair – a bit later.

New Achievements – Awards for Collecting Mounts

Among other new feature of BfA is an announcement of the new achievements for mount gathering – there will be a special award for 400 mounts in the collection, as well as a smaller prize for 300.

A Horde player who collects 350 creatures, he will be awarded with Frostshard Infernal – the Legion follower , and the stunning a Franzied Feltalon will be a prize for 400 mounts (this option is available for the Alliance player); the letter mount’s value involves following feature: the Feltalon will become is the final element of the related model of such mounts and will help you to finally accomplish the whole set. Therefore it is even more desirable!

New Achievements – Raids

Every successful BfA player who manages to pass through the new Uldir raid becomes a challenger for acquiring the Bloodgorged Crawg as a prize for the successful completion of the raid. This

Achievement for raid completion is called the Glory of the Uldir Raider. We consider that BfA will add more beasts to be given as a prize for the raids in the future.

Quests – Mount Quest Chains

The list of the Battle for Azeroth quests was also a bit changed through adding a new one – Mount Quest Chains. This new feature implies that players nurture and train a nice and beautiful pterrodax hatching and develop its skills. Our first experience has showed a list of quest with the nurturing of a magic creature to be available only for Horde, there is no information about similar same option to be available if you are an Alliance player.

Kua’fon Pterrordax Training

Professions – Engineer-crafted mounts

At this moment, Battle for Azeroth has announced only one new Engineer-crafted mount – an ominous copter with an elements of the Puck’s look in its construction – Mecha-Mogul Mk2. Engineering is not required for curbing this mount, controlling and raising it and then using it in a battle. Its another feature is a lack of an item that will help you teach this unpredictable mount, so it can be transferred to other player or sold through auction. You may get this special teaching item, if you findMogul Razdunk. He is the final boss in one of the most difficult BfA dungeons which name is also horrible – ‘TheMOTHERLODE!!’. So far they have appeared only for players who acted in a difficulty level set as Mythic.

Player Classes – Paladin

Finally the Ironforge paladins have become their mount, which they have been waiting for more than a decade of their history in World of Warcraft, and the battle for Azeroth has finally given the paladins a desirable option. After a player unlocks the Dark Iron Dwarf Race, he or she gets an opportunity to catch its dark version as well – the Darkforge Ram.

Other Mounts – Not Incorporated Mounts

Here are currently unavailable mounts but they exist in the system of the Battle for Azeroth. We expect them being unlocked with the launch of the new BfA. Those who regularly follows WoW news, remember some of those beasts participating in the testing version of the new game edition, others have never been used so far.

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