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Buy Mythic Emerald Nightmare
Emerald Nightmare (Mythic) service includes: Full Emerald Nightmare (Mythic) 7/7 bosses clear;  Dаrkbough,  Tormented Guardians ,  Rif of Aln achievements; 7 achievements for every boss killed [MYTHIC MODE]:  Mythic: Nythedra;  Mythic: Il’gynoth;  Mythic: Elerethe...
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Buy Xavius kill
Xavius kill service includes: Xavius kill in Heroic/Myhic mode; You will get  Rift of Aln achievement; You will get  Mythic: Xavius achievement in Mythic mode; You can choose killing this boss with loot or without; Choose: Selfplay or Piloted (In case of piloted boost we guarantee the...
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Buy Mythic TrialofValor
Trial of Valor (Mythic) service includes: Full Trial of Valor (Mythic) 3/3 bosses clear; Choose your loot: Personal (loot will depend entirely on your luck) or Master loot (You will receive a guaranteed loot for your specialization including socketed and titanforged items.)  Mythic Odyn,  Mythic...
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Buy Helya Kill
Helya Kill service includes: Helya kill in Heroic/Myhic mode; You can choose killing this boss with loot or without; You will get  Mythic: Helya achievement; Choose: Selfplay or Piloted (In case of piloted boost we guarantee the safety of your acc by using VPN of your city and country); In...
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Buy Mythic NightHold
Mythic (NH) service includes:  Full Nighthold (Mythic) 10/10 bosses clear;  Arcing Aqueducts ,  Royal Athenaeum ,  Nightspire ,  Betrayers Rise achievements;  Ahead of the Curve: Gul’dan and  Cutting Edge: Gul’dan; 9 achievements for each boss killed in Mythic...
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Buy Gul’dan Kill
Kill Gul’dan: in Normal/Heroic/Myhic mode You can choose kill this boss with loot or without loot You will get Betrayer’s Rise achievements You will get Mythic: Gul’dan achievements (Mythic mode) You can get Mount from Gul’dan (Mythic mode) – Fiendish Hellfire...
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Buy The Emerald Nightmare

The Emerald Nightmare

This raid is evolving non-rectilinear: first, you have to face Nythendra. Then you find out there are portals across all Nightmare innerlocations. Your raid then requires defeating of four bosses in a row in random order – Il’gynoth, Dragons of Nightmare, EleretheRenferal, Ursoc. After you go through them all. You will finally have a chance to face Cenarius. That is the last stop before you will meet Xavius.

The loot has similar stats regardless of the level of difficulties. You can improve every item up to 895. +10 = Warforge mark, +15 = Titanforge mark.

You won’t get Tier 19 dropped during this raid, but gear you can get looks alike. You won’t get any Weapons either, but you have a chance to get something to connect to your own to obtain special boost or empower your weapon.

If you still didn’t complete this fascinating raid, don’t spend time thinking. Expand the spectrum of your achievements requiring for obtaining for Glory of the Legion Raider title and obtain some useful objects with great characteristics to equip your character better. It’s challenging and trembling.

However, if you just want to get profit, but don’t want to waste time going through all the complications, contact us: our professionals will take care about all the routine and will ensure the best performance of your order. Get yourselfthis boost service and be remembered forever as the Legion Raider. Bright side of the game is waiting!

Xavius kill:
You will meetXaviusonly in the very end. He hides in a gloomy place, covered with intertwined roots and twilightwhere light can’t reach… Talk to Malfurion and undergo the transformation to leaves’ spirits to get there.

Trial of Valor :

Raid Trial of Valor – short but yet very hard adventure. You have to be good to complete it. You will have to quickly analyze the situation in order to apply the best tactics. You also have to be equipped at high level to be unbreakable. For the Heroic: Trial of Valor or elite Mythic: Helya achievements you will need to go through this. This adventure will offer you to pass different tests and to show your best self. You will also obtain armour and transmogrification sets.

You will have to kill only three bosses to have all the achievements’ requirements, but are you sure you can do it right? Contact us to order any required service and to clarify all details. You can ask all questions you have and our managers will be glad to help you. Want to get Mythic: Odyn, but don’t want to go on raids? We will help you to find right decision. Contact us now and order Mythic: Helya to receive your personal bonuses and discount.

Trial of Valor :

Bosses you will meet:

Odyn – the one who threw his army into battle against the Old Gods’ Black Empire a long time ago, but then was imprisoned and cursed by his Nemesis, Helya. Now he is seeking for help among mortals to restore justice and protect himself.
Helya – Odin’s closest follower, now willing to bind the keeper of the Titan to the Halls of Valore forever with the ancient curse. She is tired of occupying the second place and now she is ready to take all power in her hands and eradiate the living on the land.

Guarm – Helya’s vicious three-headed monster guardian. He doesn’t need anything like sleep or rest, so he never closes his eyes at his post and will protect her no matter what.

ContactCakeboost team managers via Skype or Livechat for more detailed information.

“The Chosen”title obtaining service

You will help Odin to stop Helya during this dungeon raid. If you somehow manage to gain 3 boss kills on Mythic diff. level without dying, you will obtain very elitethe “Chosen” title. This title is still obtainable, but not for long – you won’t be able to get it after the new WoW expansion launches, so hurry up and don’t waste time thinking! You will also get full transmog set suitable for your armour.

This title is hard to get because you have to be very good to avoid death during this deadly raid where everything can kill you. But you have to survive the whole dungeon because it is the only way to become The Chosen.

What do I get ordering it?
A very rare and elite title and achievement that are about to become unobtainable (will stock to Feat of Strength later).

Three Mythic diff. boss kills + luck coins for extra loot.

Helya service:

The fallen Valkyrie queen, Onin’s closest follower, is preparing for the final combat, which will change the history of Azeroth forever. But she had to join Loken’s betrayal and renounce her mentor. Now she is hidden beneath the shadow, developing the revenge plan.

The Nighthold service:
This particular raid is evolving non-rectilinear, and you have to win Chronomatic Anomaly, Trilliax and Skorpyron before you move forward and have chance to face other bosses. First three appear at random order. Then you meet five next bosses: Krosus, Tichondrius, Star Augur Etraeus, SpellbladeAluriel, High Botanist Tel’arn. Then there will be only two remaining: Gul’dan and Elisande, but beware: they are tha strongest ones.

You can get Tier 19 armor during the raid.
Nighthold bosses drop Tier 19 armor. Example: Krosus Chest, Gul’dan Legs, Elisande Helm, Star Augur Etraeus Gloves, etc.
The Nighthold is perhaps the most spectacular raid in the world of the WoW. It is not as plain as it seems at first glance and it hides many secrets about Suramar. Here 10 unique bosses will challenge you. Your efforts will be rewarded!

But it is just as difficult as it sounds, so we will be happy to remove this heavy burden from your meeting to do all the monotonous work for you. Are you not ready to participate in raids of this level because you are not well equipped? Contact us today and order all the required services. You will get personal bonuses and discount. You can get: Betrayer’s Rise / I have My Eyes On You / Not For You for Glory of the Legion Raider / Mythic: Gul’dan / A Change In Scenery. You must be unkillable to go through all this and claim victory. First of all your equipment has to be high-leveled. Don’t waste your time thinking, contact our managers and clarify all the details to start today!

Gul’dan extermination:
Gul’dan he was unshakable in his belief that the legion was predestined by the horde. Nothing could stop him from fighting for his own justice, now revenge is coming!

The Nighthold is the biggest dungeon of the last expansion, the Legion. It hides 10 strong bosses you have to defeat. Gul’dan runs them all. You are guaranteed to get the Fiendish Hellfire Core during this raid. You will still be able to obtain it after the new expansion launches, but the chance of drop will sink to 1-5% instead of current 100%. Don’t waste your time and order this service now!

You have to share your account for your order’s execution (self-play format is not available).

What do I get ordering The Nighthold go through service? 
Fiendish Hellfire Core mount (100% chance of drop)

Gul’dan’s Mythic level kill achievement.

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